Report From Photoshop’s 20th Anniversary Celebration


WOW—-what a night!

No doubt, it was a lot of fun, but it was also very humbling to look out from the stage and see the Knoll Brothers (both Thomas and John Knoll), and about 70 of Adobe’s Photoshop engineers, along with lots of Adobe execs and directors, and well…I was incredibly nervous! (That’s me below posing with Thomas and John—-the Knoll brothers who originally created Photoshop,  right after the event).

(All photos by RC Concepcion)


Adobe’s own Russell Brown (below) did an absolutely hilarious, bring-down-the-house, totally amazing presentation about the history of Photoshop that was so good, he got a standing ovation.



Adobe’s VP of their Creative Business Unit John Loiacono was the featured presenter (better known as “Johnny L” to Photoshop World Keynote attendees—shown below before the doors opened), and Photoshop big wig Kevin Connor did the first public demo of some new Photoshop technology that had jaws just dropping (including my own).

sblog-terry-7We were also happy to be joined by Worldwide Design Evangelist and blog host Terry White, here pictured with Adobe’s John Loiacono.


Adobe’s own Julieanne Kost and Terry White did presentation as part of our look at the evolution of Photoshop, along with Matt, Corey, Dave (shown below), RC, and I. Lot of cool Photoshop tricks from everybody, and it was a really fitting way to celebrate an amazing 20 years of digital imaging magic.


We’re posting the entire event online (should be up later today) at this link, so if you didn’t catch the live event as it happened (the servers were absolutely slammed with people watching live from all over the world), you can watch it in its entirety later today. (That’s Daniel Bryant below, a video editor on our video team at Kelby Media Group, during dress rehearsal. Daniel directed the entire event for us, and did a kick-butt job!)


Thanks to everybody who came out to the San Fran event, and who watch from all four corners of the globe, and especially thanks to Adobe, and the Photoshop team, for creating something so amazing that we want to celebrate it’s birthday.


(Above: our own Corey Barker posing with John Knoll).


(Above L to R: John Knoll, Russell Brown, Thomas Knoll, Yours Truly, and RC Concepcion).

  1. This event shows the value of being ‘in the house’ as the live webcast was hampered with tremendous audio problems. For the first hour there were four streams of audio and one of video and nothing intelligible could be understood. Refreshing and opening new windows as well as tips from other live bloggers helped, and by the time Russell Brown was on with his magical presentation, I could hear it correctly. It was great to see people from all over the world type in and let everyone know from where they were watching.

    Kudos to Adobe and NAPP for putting on this event, and letting us take a peek behind the curtain of what is coming next. Thought Scott and the gang would want to have a “trip report” from the cheap seats! Our experience was definitely different than yours, but half the world just won’t fit in the Palace of Fine Arts.:)

    How about a trip report from AFTER the festivities? Who you hung our with, where you ate, and what you reminisced about? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. It was a wonderfull show. You guys did a tremendous job. Watching the different versions of Photoshop was great. It was amazing to see this live event via the web and think of where we were 20 years ago. Scott & team keep up the good work!!!

  3. This was the greatest! There are very few things that would lure me away from the winter olympics (maybe only 2) and this was one. I got home from my business just in time to see this and anyone who missed it DEFINATELY needs to watch the tape. That reverse content aware scaling is incredible.

    1. I don’t think it’s so much a matter of being challenged with proper usage of contractions/ownership, but more a matter of the fact that this was posted at 3:46/12:46 am (depending on which time zone you go by) at the end of an incredibly long day :)

      1. I thought TR was talking about my terrible grammar. My downfall in college (had no computors then).

  4. Really sorry I wasn’t able to come North and see this live. I am looking forward to watching the video later today. (work first, then fun)

    Hope you guys had fun in S.F. The real question is Did you guys make it to IN-N-OUT ?

  5. Thank you to NAPP and Adobe for such a fun and knowledgeable event. I’m always amazed at some of the things presenters were showing and in some cases, how they were showing. (Dr. Brown for sure!) It was GREAT! I even had fun blogging live. I can only imagine where the next 20 years will bring! Being on the Eastern Time Zone, I’m not feeling to bad for watching the complete celebration. I’m glad I did. Now if I can only get myself back to Photoshop World, I will have been renewed. Thanks to all who put this on and shared it with everyone to enjoy. You guys ROCK!!!!!! Larry

  6. I was lucky enough to be able to see the event live last night–what a show! Russell Brown had me laughing out loud…just sorry I couldn’t attend. Great job by the NAPP guys, Julieanne, and Jeff. It’s hard to believe PS is only 20 years old–1990 is so recent .

  7. hey scott, thanks to you (and everyone else) for putting on an amazing event. that day also just happens to be the day i was born too (feb 18, 1990), and i couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate. i took a bus 9 hours up from LA and skipped school to come to this, and i’m so glad i did.

    only one complaint: i didn’t get to see you before or after the event to get you to sign one of your books (i got julieanne to sign her’s).

    again, thanks for the amazing birthday celebration!

  8. Scott and gang, thank you so much for participating. I laughed so hard at everyone’s antics. I kept flashing on Maxx Headroom while Russel as doing his thing and found myself wondering if he and Matt Frewer (sp?) are related.

    I was blown away by the content aware fill. Can’t wait to get my hand on it.

  9. Pretty bored for the first two hours but Russell Brown made wading through all of that so worth it, and was disappointed that CS5 wasn’t officially named or announced but it was cool to see more new features. But the thing that REALLY disappointed me was showing off Photoshop 1.0 for the iPhone but then telling us that only 40 random people (many of whom probabl don’t even own an iphone) were ever going to get it. I hope that changes, otherwise that’s really just plain mean.

      1. I don’t know how long you guys were there before the show . . . but it was amazing the number of iPhones I saw! Seemed like everyone had one.

        I have one, but wasn’t lucky enough to get the app. Maybe someday it’ll be made public. Would have been a cool souvenir, though.

  10. Last night was a blast. The whole event was super sharp. You and your team did a great job. Russell Brown’s presentation was among the best I’ve ever seen at a tech event. Hell he should be up for an Oscar for technical achievement LOL

  11. Scott,
    I was lucky enough to attend the show in person last night. Loved the demos, especially Russel’s presentation (including PS1 on the iphone!)

    BTW, did you notice the the tshirts had the wrong date on them (Feb 19 vs Feb 18)?

    1. i know! i was really disappointed in the mistake cuz feb 18 is my birthday and i drove 9 hours to see it….just to have the posters/t-shirts have the wrong date. but it was still an amazing event.

  12. Scott and the gang….

    I am fortunate to live in Marin County…10 minutes north of San Francisco and was lucky enough to snag a ticket to last night’s presentation. It was very evident that you guys put a lot of hard work and energy to put on a wonderful show!!!

    thanks Marie

  13. I’m glad to see the video is available. My sound was so bad and it drove me crazy so I gave up! I will watch the video and see what I missed. Thanks for posting it.

  14. This looks like it was great. Unfortunately, the sound on the recording is so bad that the video is unwatchable. The opening band number sounds like two trains crashing.

  15. Scott and all involved thanks for putting together a fun evening. We were in the 4th row and it was great fun to see your whole cast of characters live and in person.

    Russell’s presentation was very cool. I’d love to know the magic behind the presentation. Scott how was that done. Very cool!

    I loved the price.


  16. I have never had the pleasure of seeing the Photoshop Tv Guys, RC and Corey etc Live! So that was interesting, but I have to say Russell’s presentation was just so “left of field” it was brilliant. It was a pity about the sound issues, but I think for a live show and considering the technical hurdles that had to be overcome, you all did amazingly well. Congrats!

    In an ideal world I would love to of heard from the Knoll Brothers and some more behind the scenes stuff on the early days, rather than just demo’s that we all know and love. But a great show none the less.



  17. Did anyone who downloaded the HUGE file of the broadcast have audio sync problems? When Scott, Matt and others are talking after getting off the elevator, the sync is terrible, and I can’t understand who is saying what I am hearing! i am going to try to download the file again, and hope it works better this time.


      1. Funny thing is….if I stream it live there is no delay! Would think it would be the other way around!


  18. My daughter, Lake, and I attended this wonderful event – It was great to see Scott, Dave, RC, Cory, and Matt in person -and the whole evening was really fun and magical – especially seeing all of the Photoshop creators stand up and be honored. RC (who is quite handsome in person…) was so gracious after the show having his photo taken of us with his camera… Scott too.
    And the tutorials rocked!

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