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Big Daddy Don in SI
First, a big congrats to my buddy “Big Daddy Don Page” who covered the New Orleans Saints this year for Southcreek Global Media, and had one of his shots picked up as a FULL PAGE image in the Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Commemorative issue. Hey, they don’t call him “Big Daddy” fur nuthin’! Way to go, Donald! :-)

National Lampoon’s Vacation with Vanelli. Coming Soon to Real Life near you!
Our good friend, photographer, and giant huggy bear/trained killer Robert Vanelli (known as “Vanelli” or “That huge guy” or just “V” to his friends), is holding an on- location photography, Photoshop and fun workshop called “Vacation with Vanelli.” If you haven’t gotten on board for what will be a weekend that I guarantee you’ll one day tell your grandkids about, here’s all the info.

More 20th Anniversary Coverage Tomorrow
I’ve got some more behind-the-scenes stuff for tomorrow about Photoshop’s 20th planned for tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s a link to some coverage from Quotidian Photographer, who were on hand at the show.

Deke’s Martini Hour features Photoshop Product Managers Interview
John and Bryan were guests of our buddy Deke McClelland on his Martini Hour (hosted by Deke and Colleen Wheeler), about the 20th anniversary of Photoshop. It’s a very fun and interesting interview. Here’s the link—definitely worth a listen.

Photoshop User TV Wraps Up Fall Season
We’re doing 13-week seasons now of Photoshop User TV, (the weekly how-to show for Photoshop users) and it’s hard to believe but this week’s show is our 13th on the new set. So, now we’re taking a one-month break until the first week in April, when we’ll return with our special “Live from Photoshop World” episode, which kicks off our Spring Season. The good news is; we’re not waiting on a set to be built, or anything like that—we’re just taking a month off after every 13 weekly episodes to catch up on stuff; let our video team catch up on stuff, and give us, and our viewers a chance to catch their breath. Check out our season ender here, and then we’ll see you first week in April.

I’m at our Tampa Seminar Today!
I’m a guest speaker today at our “Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks” seminar today at the Tampa Convention Center, taught by Dave Cross and Corey Barker. I’m doing the class on typography and designing with type (one of my all-time favorite classes to teach), so I’m pretty psyched. If you’re at the seminar, make sure you stop me and say hi.

Hope you guys have a great Monday!

  1. When you’re telling us about “Tuesday quick stuff”, you do know mondays is only beginning… right? ;)

    Have a nice day in Tampa. It’s probably gonna be hotter than here in Canada :D

  2. Hello Scott! Could you tell me more about the Safari adventure for photographers? You mentioned something during the seminar today, but I was not sure where to find the information.

    Thank you!


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