This Weekend Only Deal From Metal Murals


You guys might remember me doing a post a while back about these huge metal murals, (made up of a grid of multiple metallic tiles, as seen above in this shot from their tradeshow booth) which look really quite impressive in person. (here’s the link to the story–scroll down until you see Brad and I holding a six-file mural).

Well, they’re making a special deal for you guys who read my blog (hands down the best discount deal they’ve ever offered), on these huge metallic grid murals. Here’s the deal:

You get 30% OFF their 12 inch tile squares, plus you get free shipping on the entire order.

To get this deal, you have to use this link:

Ask anybody who has seen these at their booth at a trade show—these tiled murals have big impact. If you get some done, let me know how you much you like ’em!

  1. Hey Scott,

    I’d really like to order one of these, but when I go to the page and try to choose a quantity, the lowest quantity I can select is 12. Is there any way to order just 1 square?

    1. This is an excellent price. I saw your video on how to prepare. Just a quick question. I had prepared my file with 300 resolution thinking all printing required that and found out from your video that metal mural requires it to be 100ppi. How do I reduce the resolution and should I keep anything in mind while trying to do that.

      Thank you,

  2. I currently have a 3 ft x 4 ft Metal Mural on display in a local gallery. When I had my gallery open on the First Friday in February, I heard multiple people comment on how much the Metal Mural was their favorite piece of art amongst all of the art they had seen across all of the gallery opens on that evening. The photo of course makes me proud, but without the cool and unique appearance of Metal Murals, I am sure that the image would not have had quite that affect on people.

    Thanks Metal Murals!

  3. I saw Metal Mural at PhotoExpo at Javitts Center 2008, and ordered a 3”x2” (6 tiles) mural of purebred cat, and their customer support and work was phenomenal, way above & beyond what would have been good.
    Hmmm, I should take this opportunity – Scott’s posted discount link – to order mural with totally different subject.

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