Santa Fe Workshops: Day 2 (then some news)

Yesterday in my Santa Fe Workshops class we picked up where we left off in Lightroom, and we worked learning the Develop module, so we’d be able to fully process the images from the shoot we would be doing that afternoon at Eaves Movie Ranch (used in many famous Western Movies). The shot below is of one of the cowboy models we hired (we hired three, and a horse model. I had a hard time getting a model release out of the horse, but luckily the cowboy shown here [named “fiddles”], was more amenable.

The things that really struck a chord with my students yesterday were: (1) Virtual Copies (2) The Tone Curve (3) The Before/After views in the Develop Module (4) The White Balance preview in the Navigator palette (5) The Recovery control and the Vibrance control (6) And the Tonal Adjustment tools. We’re having a blast, and I’m really delighted to have so many great photographers in my class—it makes the day inspirational for all of us, and we’re constantly looking at each others images during the day while they’re processing their images.

I also started my one-on-one portfolio reviews yesterday, and they’re going great. More of those today, along with using Lightroom with Photoshop. Can’t wait!!!

Now, some quick news:

  • Corey Barker (AKA: the Photoshop Lad) has a great “Quick Makeover” video tutorial using Diffuse Glow over at (where he writes a daily Photoshop blog), and you’ve got to check it out here.
  • Next time you’re watching NAPP TV (Photoshop TV), we’ve added a new feature—on screen clickable links. So, when we mention a link to a cool site, or well…anything, you can click right on the video, and it will launch your Web browser and take you to that page. Thanks to our in-house video guru Jason Scrivner for pulling off this middle miracle.
  • I did an in-depth interview over at and it just went live yesterday. If you want to check it out, click right here.

Hopefully, I’ll have more news later today, but I’ve got to get to class. Have a great Wednesday. Wish you were here! :)

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