Santa Fe Workshops: Day 4 (click for larger view) and Some Quick News


We are having just an incredible experience here at the wonderful Santa Fe Workshops (they’ve really created a wonderfully creative environment for learning). We started off Thursday morning with a Lightroom Q&A session, then we went over some questions the class had, and I did five mini-tutorials just to help cement some concepts we learned earlier in the week.

I did some more portfolio reviews (I saw some really great photography today), and then we headed out for our on-location bridal shoot at a downtown church. As it turned out, the church was really, really tiny, and having 12 photographers and two assistants shooting looked like the papparazzi was in the church shooting a celebrity bride. We continued the shoot outside where we had lots more room. Luckily, we had great natural light inside and our bridal model was just great.

After that we headed back to the classroom to process the images using Lightroom and Photoshop. Right after class, my brother Jeff, one of my students, and I headed straight up to Taos, New Mexico to shoot the famous church; the Mission of Saint Francis of Assisi (One of my shots from there is shown above). We had a great time shooting, but we couldn’t stay long enough for the light to get really good because we had to get back for a dinner party thrown by two of my students (the party was wonderful, with incredible food, home made Margaritas, wine, and lots of laughs late until late into the night).

We’re heading out first thing in the morning for our last day’s shoot. After the shoot we’re focusing on printing. Tomorrow’s the last full day of our week long workshop, but on Saturday morning we get a half day to finish up our printing, and cover any final techniques.

Now for some quick news updates:

  • Adobe has released a new edition of their free downloadable quarter publication “Adobe Magazine,” and you can download your copy right here.
  • After I mentioned that some of my Santa Fe Workshop students were Canon shooters, and I found out from a friend at Canon how to set them up to shoot wireless using Canon Speedlight, I had a number of posts, and emails, about how it’s done. Here’s how to set up yours: (1) You need two Speedlights; One that sits on your camera’s Hot Shoe. On the back of the flash near the bottom is a switch you need to set to Master. Then (2) on the second Speedlight (the one you want to be wireless), you set the same switch to Slave. That’s itâ”now it’s wireless (the sensor on the bottom of the Speedlight accepts a low power pulse flash from the Master flash, and that’s what triggers it).There are no settings to change or adjust on the camera itselfâ”all you need are those two switches on the Speedlights themselves. You control the power output of the wireless flash from the back of the Master flash on the hotshoe.
  • The latest episode of one of my favorite Podcasts, The Digital Photography Show” is now online, and this week they’ve got the scoop on some very cool Photoshop plug-ins from OnOne software. You can listen to the show online by clicking here.
  • George Jardine’s latest Lighroom Podcast is now available, and this time he’s got a short tutorial on Lightroom’s develop module. You can download it here, along with any other of George’s great podcasts.
  • Laurie Excell, who we’re honored to have teaching her first Photohsop World session this year in Las Vegas, is back from the latest DLWS Workshop out on Oregon’s coast. She’s got some beautiful images from their trip, and you can check them out on her way cool blog.
  • I mentioned how amazing National Geographic photographer Chris Rainer’s presentation was here in Santa Fe on Wednesday night (each instuctor does a 30-minute presentation on their work for the entire student body). Here’s a link to Chris’ black and white online gallery. Click here to see some really amazing and inspiring photography from one heck of a gifted photographer.

Have a great Friday everybody. :-)

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