From My On Location Wireless Flash Mini-Session (click for larger view)


When we were out at Eaves Movie Ranch yesterday, I did a three different mini-session on shooting on-location flash, including two using my “Scott Kelby Location Kit” (From B&H Photo). Here’s a few shots of my wonderful Santa Fe Workshop Digital Lab assistant Susan Thelwell, taken during one of those mini-sessions.

These were taken just outside the Saloon, under the front porch where she was backlit and totally in the shadows. I positioned one Nikon SB-800 flash unit (set to Wireless Remote) to the right of my camera (about 45°), about four feet in front of her and up high aiming downward.

The goal was to show my students how easy it is to control the flash’s power output (all done wirelessly, right from the back of my camera) so the light looks natural, like daylight, without the harsh look usually associated with on-camera flash. I have a number of Canon shooters in my class, and Dave Carlson over at Canon was nice enough to help me show my students how to do the same thing with their Canon wireless flash units.

For some more photos from yesterday’s shoot (and my daily Santa Fe Workshop update), scroll down to the next post. :-)

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