Scenes From Last Week’s Studio Shoot in Miami


Last Thursday I flew down to a very cool photo studio complex in Miami, near South Beach, for a photography training project I’m working on. Brad and I spent two days on location with a video crew filming behind the scenes footage of a bigger, more ambitious “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it” project (that’s one of our models—Jerrid shown above—click on him for a much larger view).


Above: Stevie during a one light shoot with a very powerful turbo fan, run by Brad.

We actually did 19 different photo shoots, setting up—and taping—each lighting set-up from scratch over a two day period, and we filmed segments in three different studios and on location on Miami’s South Beach. We used everything from one light, two lights, to three lights, and quite a bit of off-camera wireless flash, too. We did shoots with scrims, diffusers, reflectors, and about everything in between.


Above: This is Wanderson (that’s his real name) during our sunset off-camera portrait shoot on the beach.


That’s Vanessa above (a model friend of Dwayne’s who lives in Miami) during one of our daylight shoots. Those are the Raw untouched originals from the camera (Click for a much larger view). The red labels are the ones Vanessa chose as her favorites.


Here’s Shay caught between snaps joking around with the crew.


Above: The regular version of this shot is part of the project, but the all-white blown-out look you see here won’t actually be in the class—it was just me trying something new in Photoshop, just for fun.

We knew we’d be swamped (and on a tight schedule), so we contacted one of one my buddies, Dwayne Tucker (a frequent commenter here on the blog), who’s going to school down in Miami, and got him to come be our 2nd assistant on the shoot, He was a great help (well, when we weren’t all cracking up about something—-we usually have a pretty fun time on the set).

Duane 1

Above: That’s our 2nd assistant on the set, Dwayne Tucker, taking a break between shoots.


Above: That’s ‘The Scriv,’ Creative Director for Video at Kelby Media Group, with his trusty Steadicam. Also, notice how nicely his “tips” are in bloom (that happens every year right around Photoshop World).


That’s “Beach Blanket Braddo” above, on Miami’s South Beach, holding a diffuser—-ready to spring into action at the first sign of harsh light). Also on the shoot was video cameraman Eddie “Fast Eddie, Easy Cowboy” Lynn, but I don’t have all the production shots here, so sadly, I don’t have a picture of him I can post right now, but he was everywhere! (and a huge help the entire shoot).

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few shots from the shoot. I’ll have more details soon about this project (The Light It, Shoot It, parts are done, but I still have 19 shoots to retouch, and record every step along the way).

Thanks to Brad for all his hard work in setting this up, and to Dwayne for helping us out, and to the five professional models who worked pretty much non-stop for two solid days to make this whole thing happen.

  1. Can’t wait to watch the finished product. South Beach, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it. I’ve heard you have to pay to use most of the landmarks down there in commercial photography (and not cheap).

  2. Stop with the books/videos!!! I cannot read or practice the shots as fast as you put out them out. : ) I am sure the new book/video will be added to my collection.

  3. Scott have you started an Lightroom 3 wish list yet. Cause heres mine brother.

    I have been an LR user since its first beta test was released. & back then i also tried Aperture.
    Well for me LR won. I always like knowing the competition so when AP comes out with a new update. I have fun with the trial to see whats new.
    I think AP3 gave LR3 something to shoot for. VIDEO
    I only have 4 things I want in LR3
    Even faster performance. Who wouldn’t
    Video editing . With DSLR’s shooting HD I think AP3 is on the right track here.
    An option for a floating editing window in any Module that I could bring up with just a keyboard shortcut . I gotta say I really liked hitting the H key in AP3 & getting that window.
    And this one is a Big one that i don’t Know if Adobe is even kicking it around or it is really possable.
    A Photoshop Module. I have said it before I think that would would be AWSOME!!!!!!!!!

    Ok maybe a little more than that….Its just that I Love LR so much that i want it to be all it can be. Have a great day Scott

  4. Scott, been interested in learning more about hyper-real portraits, which primarily occurs in post- is ths somethign you would consider adding as a kelby training course? Would love to see it start to finish. Not sure this si the right place to post, put I know a lot of it is dependent on lighting a subject correctly in the first place. Thanks as always for the info and maintaining this awesome blog.

  5. Scott, can’t wait to see that show up on Kelby Training. Looks fantastic, your previous LI,SI,RI classes have been just excellent.

    And may I just say, boy will it be a shame to have to watch the video in anything but high def! KT needs high def vids! :)

  6. How these shots look great !! I’m also shaking with anticipation for this training series to be released !! On the subject of studio lighting and sorry if this has already been discussed but I came across a new Iphone app called Strobox which if you havn’t already seen it, I’m sure you would get a kick out of it Scott. Its basically an app to record and share lighting diagrams on your Iphone. It’s great

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