Tomorrow’s Guest Blogger Is…

Matt Lange!  Matt and Scott met when they shot a football game together a few months ago and have been buds ever since.

I (Brad) think that a lot of you will really be able to relate to Matt’s post for tomorrow.  He talks about starting out as a designer/photographer a few years ago, and all the struggles he’s gone through to make it to where he is today.

I have to give it up to Matt for pulling his post together so quickly and doing such a great job with it.  Our originally scheduled guest blogger called (well, emailed) in sick at the last minute, so Matt really came through to save the day.

So come back by tomorrow and see what Matt has for us!

  1. Scott –

    I love this series, but thus far you’ve mainly featured professional photographers who are doing photography full-time. I can only think of couple of exceptions – Trey Ratcliff, and your friend who shoots sports for U of F.

    Since I imagine most of your readers are like me – who do photography on a side, and have no intention of making a career out of it, how about you feature some of the similar photographers who have reached some success with their work without dedicating their whole lives to it? People like Thomas Hawk or Sam Javanrouh – those who do it how we do it – not to pay the bills for the sheer love of it while balancing all other responsibilities of life.

    Just an opinion.

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