Hey everyone, Brad here with a quick update from Vegas! Here are some shots of what’s been going on so far here at Photoshop World. Also, if you’re in Vegas, make sure you check out today’s other post for a very cool opportunity to take part in with Erik Valind the day AFTER the conference!

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  1. Great picks, Brad. Wish I was there. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The pirate movie at the keynote was awesome! Are you guys going to post it somewhere?

  3. Will the keynote be posted to watch? Missed it yesterday morning.

  4. looks like more fun than ever! I gotta get there some year!

  5. Too much walking. People telling me to go that way. That way is wrong. By the time you get back it is over. Can’t wait to get out of here. Wish I could get my money back

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