My Week With The BH-40 Ballhead: The First "Scott Thinks It's Hot!â„¢" Award Winner!


A few weeks back I mentioned that for Father’s Day my wife bought me the Gitzo Traveler Tripod, along with a Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ballhead, and I’ve had a number of emails, and some posts, asking about my experience with both.

I’ll start with the BH-40 ballhead, which is the first recipient of my new “Scott Thinks It’s Hot!” Award (as seen in the logo above, designed by NAPP’s creative director Felix Nelson as a takeoff on one of my other favorite logos; the “Hot Now” sign at Krispy Kreme). The “Scott Thinks It’s Hot!” award is kind of like this blog’s “Editor’s Choice” award or “Hot Pick” award, and will only be awarded to products or services that: (1) I fall hopelessly in love with, and (b) I actually use myself. So, if you see that logo on a product in my blog, it has to be just about perfect (well, to me anyway).

So, after a week with the BH-40 (the little brother of the BH-55), I’m in love. It feels and works like the BH-55 (my main ballhead), but without the size or weight (which makes it a perfect companion to my new smaller tripod). Despite its smaller size, it performed flawlessly, even with quite a heavy load, and its movement was smooth, fast, and responsive (just like its big brother). The BH-40 LRII sells for around $399, and although I usually buy all my gear from B&H Photo, to get Really Right Stuff gear you have to go directly to their Web site and buy from them direct.

Now, the other part of this “My week with” is my experience with my new Gitzo Traveler tripod. Overall, I really liked it, and it will definitely be my “on the road” tripod of choice from now on (unless I’m doing a photo workshop, and then I’ll bring out the “big guns” and take my Gitzo GT3540 Tripod Series 3 Mountaineer with my BH-55 Ballhead instead). Gitzo nailed the size/weight issue—the Traveler weighs less than I though it would, and it’s so small there’s no excuse for not taking it with you. As much as I fell in love with traveling with it, carrying it, and setting it up, for some reason I haven’t fallen in love with using it yet. I’m going to test it again this week, and I’ll let you know if my love for its light weight and size blossoms into true love, but so far, we’re still just dating. (remember, to get my “Scott Thinks it’s Hot” Award, a product has to be “just about perfect”).

Hey, one last thing: there are FIVE posts today, so scroll down to the next post. :-)

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