Hey gang, Brad Moore here with some really exciting news…

I’m sitting at my desk yesterday, and across the hall I see Scott get up from his desk, laptop in hand, and HUGE smile on his face, to dance out his door and call out, “Gather round everyone, for I have great news!!”

As he slowly and dramatically turns the laptop around (still grinning ear to ear), we all see his photo of Ryan Malone from the Tampa Bay Lightning featured on the ZUMA Press Pictures of the Day website!

At that very moment, a flock of doves flew through the air, trumpets sounded, and a bunch of other exciting stuff happened :)

Okay, that last part may have only been in my mind, but it was definitely a moment of celebration and excitement for us as we congratulated Scott on not only getting some killer hockey photos, but having one of them featured on the ZUMA site.

For those of you who have been following Scott’s “Painful Dance” with hockey photography, you too know just how excited he really is.

Way to go Scott!!

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  1. Brad, I believe the flock of doves, I can see him doing that! First time he shoots a sport and gets published, that should be a record!!

  2. Wow! That’s great! Congrats!

  3. Nice ! Go on Scott, Glory isn’t far away now !

  4. Well there you go…Persistence Pays :)
    Way to go Scott!

  5. Such a great shoot Scott please keep it up….

  6. Congrats Scott!!! Was there any doubt? Realy?
    Now, what challenge next?
    Cheers, Colin

  7. Way to go Scott!  Did anticipating where the puck is going help with your timing?

    Go Lightning! 

  8. So elegantly put by one Brad Moore! Congrats! See how easy it is.

  9. Awesome shot! Congrats!

  10. Perseverance payed off!!

  11. Thank you for a chance at these great prizes.

  12. Is there anything better than “getting” what has been difficult?   That is great.

  13. That. Is. Just. AWESOME! I think a dove just buzzed me too. Congrats Scott! I know you worked really hard to earn that honor. Truly appreciate the openness you showed in getting to the spotlight on this one.

  14. Hey congratulations Scott! But I must have misunderstood – I thought you said you were photographing hockey – but all I see is a bunch a Tampa Bay Lightning pictures :) (insert cat sound here)

    Sorry couldn’t help it…I’m a die hard Redwings fan.

    Seriously though – great shots and congratulations!

  15. Doves?  Trumpets?  Where were the balloons?  Where were the runway models? Where were the shirtless men waving flags? 

    Congrats to you Scott!  Nice accomplishment.  So what is the next sport to shoot and conquer? :-)


  16. Spec Shooting does’nt pay the bill nor help the real sports shooters!

  17. I never played hockey but in all the ball sports I played I was always told to keep my eye on the ball. Guess hockey’s different or Ryan Malone is using his sixth sense in this instant! 

    (Scratch the ‘never played hockey remark’ – I played plenty of hockey back in school, but of course, in the USA that type of hockey is called Field Hockey and is played on grass, with a ball.)

  18. Congrats Scott!  I’m glad you had this blog post, as I’ve never checked the ZUMA press pictures of the day before.  I was excited to see I also had a picture from my last hockey game as a ZUMA press picture of the day.


    Now off to check the rest of the my dates to see if I’ve ever had one before, LOL.  Good luck at our next game!

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