Last Friday I had my last football shoot of the season (sniff, sniff), but it was a doozy! It was the Tennessee Vols first bowl game since 2010, and it was an electrifying atmosphere to shoot a football game. Such a blast!

I was shooting with the Vols photo crew (led by the awesome “Big Daddy” Don Page) so I had lots of extra access (including the locker room after the big Vols win), and I covered it all over on

Here’s the link to the images if you’ve got a sec.

I also posted some of the images in that post that I uploaded to Instagram during the game (mostly behind-the-scenes stuff), and I showed the final shot of having to shoot through a throng of other photographers and video camera and mics at the end of the game (see below).

Anyway, I hope you get a chance to check out the images. 

One more thing
Hey,  tomorrow our in-studio guest on “The Grid” (our first episode of the New Year), is none other than photographer and Photoshop World instructor  Joel Grimes, and it’s going to be an awesome episode you don’t want to miss. It’s at 4pm Wednesday at this link right here. 

That’s it for today. See you here for Guest Blog Wednesday tomorrow (if you’re at all into shooting video, you’re not going to want to miss it!).



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  1. Great shots, I was hoping you were shooting the Clemson Oklahoma game! Mike Reeves and I finally went head to head with our schools but we spanked them bad! :)

  2. Hey Scott – great shots! (as usual) :-)
    Question – I saw some gaffer’s on the AF/MF switch of your remote 1DX, but wanted to ask if you also place a strip of it ever so carefully onto the focus ring in case it gets bumped by someone?

  3. I am sure most folks get the idea of the remote camera on a monopod but I ran across this shot in my set that I thought illustrates the point nicely . . . Scott Kelby working hard!!

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