Slick Little Photoshop Drop Shadow Trick For Showing Prints Online

Hi Gang, and happy Monday (Ugh, I know). Anyway, this was a request from one of my readers — the drop shadow effect we’re talking about is from Mark Wegner’s website (Mark is the artist that won our “Gallery at KelbyOne” solo show). He has this slick little drop shadow behind his prints, and it’s actually very easy to do, so I did a video on it (below).

HOWEVER, I must warn youyou will learn a lot more Photoshop stuff in this video than just the drop shadow, because there’s lots of handy shortcuts and techniques wrapped inside this tutorial, so you should definitely check it out.

Below is a short add-on video that shows how to make the background transparent when you save the file, so you can place the final image on your site as just the image and shadow. Thought you might want to know that.

In other Photoshop-related news…
We’re only 60-days or so away from the Photoshop World Conference in Orlando (we’re not doing Vegas this year — Orlando only), so come out and learn and play and get faster, better and more awesome at all this stuff.  Check out the short trailer below to see what being at Photoshop World is really like.

Hope you find all (some, part, etc.) of that helpful.
Have a great day, and we’ll catch ya tamorrah. :)
  1. Fantastic..what great way to start a Monday! Ty BTW I converted my ‘photo’ layer into Smart Objects so I can easily replace the photo just like you taught us!

      1. You my friend are one of the great ‘mid-wives’ of information….keep up the great work!

  2. Very nice tut. You got a gift for doing tuts…

    How do you place type and have a graphic like a filled color box with slightly round corners added under it (same or different layer) ? Want text floating on a button type effect. I need to do several thousand files using input from an existing text file. I know the automation parts, but not getting the box piece sized automatically, as the text strings are varied lengths… just want top and bottom space, and on each end… I’ve searched and tried a lot of things and can’t quite get there, but PS isn’t my forte’ either.. thx

    Anyone ?


        This kind of look, but the text will vary in length – the box needs to expand/shrink horizontally according to string length, but with same space before and after text. I’d run a spreadsheet of thousands of variable length text strings, one by one to make individual files with png’s of screen size 1920×1080 with that placed in the lower left corner. Need the graphic block to automatically resize to accomodate the text string length… no interactive involvement other than starting the bulking in process from the spreadsheet (all of that I can do, and have done before). I don’t care if they’re split layers etc, fine either way. (?)
        Liked the print templates recently btw.

      1. I was the one (one of the ones?) who asked for this tutorial, so thanks were in order. FYI, I read the blog every day

  3. Certainly much more elegant and precise solution than my original method Scott. I wish I could remember where I first saw this so I could credit the creator. For now I’ll just have to assume the original creator ‘borrowed it’ as well to ease my conscience.

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