Happy Friday everybody. This might sound like a beginner tip, but many pros I run into don’t know this one, and man can it ever be a time-saver. It’s for making tricky round selections, and that may not sound like it’s a problem (no, it’s not just hold the Shift key), but when you see the video, you’ll see what I mean.

Hope you find that helpful. :)

Come join Larry, V., and Me Monday night at 6pm
We’re doing a free live Photoshop World Conference Q&A Webinar for folks who have never been (yes, we’ll be giving away a cool prize or two), and we’ll be showing some fun stuff from the conference, too. The webinar is open to everyone, so if you have a friend that has always wanted to go but they want to know more, or get some questions answered about the conference first, come join us (of course, we’d love it you’d come, too!). Here are the details:

Who: Larry Becker, “Vanelli,” and Me
What: A Photoshop World Conference live Q&A
Where: RSVP right here
When: Monday at 6pm

Hope to see you then. Well, actually, I hope to see you back here on Monday morning bright and early. ;-)

Have a great weekend everybody,



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  1. I hope you & Mr. Vecker have a great session on the 20th. :) I sure wish I was able to put Photoshop World into my schedule this April Scott. I’m sure going be bummed during those days!!!

  2. Hey Scott. Great tip. Just wanted to add that this also works the same way for rectangular marquée selections. I know you know that already, of course. Might be helpful to others.

  3. Ahhh man! Just add the Space Bar (Smacks his head with the palm of his hand)!!!! Totally worth checking this tip out today! Thanks Scott!!!

  4. Excellent tip – amazing what has been programmed into PS!!

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