Some Balance is Needed

After yesterday’s post, I thought you guys deserved some balance by seeing some really nice shots for a change, and that’s why I wanted to share this video from my friend, UK-based photographer Glyn Dewis.

2010: A Portfolio Review from Glyn Dewis on Vimeo.

He did a recap of his 2010 shoots, and I saw it on his Facebook page and really enjoyed it, so I got the embed code from his site, and I’m sharing it with you guys here (hope you don’t mind, Glyn). If you’ve got a minute, take a look—I think you’ll really dig it. :)

P.S. Thanks to everybody who posted such nice comments yesterday about my Hall of Shame. It made me feel….well….shameful. ;-)

  1. Great video, Glyn! And thanks for linking to it, Scott. Looks like Glyn has a lot of fun with photography. Some truly creative photos shown there. I paused the video a couple of times to see some of the pictures better, but that’s not a knock on the editing!


  2. I met Glyn for the very first time the same day we met Scott in Islington for our ‘Photowalk’ around london – he is a totally top, top fella and his blog is a ‘must see’ if you love photography and Photoshop, I have learnt loads from him already ….and yeah, he’s got a well funny accent ;)
    Scott ain’t so bad either !

  3. Hey I know that geezer!
    As Dave C says Glyn’s a top bloke and his blog is definitely one to visit frequently – full of useful Photography tips, judiciously supplemented with a cheeky British sense of humour & Brummie accent :-)

  4. And there was me minding my own business watching the sun rising over yonder hills when ‘beep, beep’ … if it’s not me old mate ‘Ye Olde Chimney Sweep’, Dick Van Clayton texting me about this post :)

    Mind? How could I possibly mind? Embed away but I draw the line at being called ‘Babe’ :)

    Scott, thanks so much for posting this up and for the kind words; you’re a good man and good friend!

    All the best to you,

  5. Hey Scott and Glyn … Wow that was awesome! Glyn you are very talented guy! Loved the video and your stills are just fantastic! Very, very impressive work!

    Hey, Scott … looks like another guest blogger to me!

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward to your 2011 video, Glyn!


  6. As I always say, you’re doing some great things with your photography Glyn. This video was a great example of it. Looking forward to see what comes your way this year. Thanks for posting this on your blog Scott. Glyn deserves the recognition.

  7. Outstanding post! as for yesterday – well it was kinda like watching Tiger leave one in the trap you know, the “been there done that feeling” not that i’ve shot at an NFL game but i’ve missed many good shots. buy the way Scott did you checkout “Le Noise” yet?

  8. Scott:

    Please excuse me for these belated comments. I was out all last fall for cancer treatment and missed your blog (couldn’t see the computer, much less read it). I missed, in my opinion, a VERY important discussion you had with your readers concerning what you would like to see in Lightroom 4. I just HAVE to add my two cents.

    I LIKE Lightroom as it is now, maybe some tweaking is needed but the changes you and others requested (again IMHO) will make Lightroom just as big, cumbersome, and user unfriendly as Photoshop CS5. The beauty of Lightroom 3.3 is it’s simplicity. Addtionally, over on Matt’s blog, he demonstrates many ways to do the things readers requested Adobe to ADD to lightroom (e.g. applying exposure increases or decreases to a group of photos). Of course, I don’t use the slideshow feature (could have left it in Elements as far as I’m concerned) nor do I print from Lightroom. I use Lightroom for what I think it was designed to do…organize and develop my “film”.

    Sorry again for the delay, just couldn’t help it and didn’t see a handy alternative to comments on an unrelated topic. :>

    Oh…BTW…the treatments were a complete success!

    1. Sounds like things are getting back to normal for you! Glad to hear of the successful treatments! Now it’s back to the fun … taking photos and working with them!

      Welcome back!


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