Today I’m mostly just going to just share some shots from the game (thankfully I did a lot, lot better this week than last), but for me the game was awesome for three reasons:

(1) I tweaked my sports photography workflow (thanks to suggestions from people here on the blog and in particular, a bunch of tweaks from sports photographer, and my new hero, Rob Foldy — more on this very soon). I uploaded nearly 60 photos to the wire service, in about 1/2 the time.

(2) I bought the right lens. For day games, that 24-120mm f/4 is definitely what I was looking for as a go-to lens for my 2nd body and I’m really happy with it. Shooting at f/4 is a bit more challenging in a dome (haven’t tried it at night yet), but so far, I think it’s the 2nd body lens for me.

(3) I learned from last week’s mistakes and double-checked everything from the get-go. It helped — one of my shots (above and below) made the sports “Pictures of the Day” (below).

Oh yeah, and the Bucs won (Whoo Hooo!). As I write this though, I’ve got the Bears game on (GO BEARS!). Hated to see that the Falcons lost (especially to the Saints, in our same division and they’re coming on strong), but now it’s up to the Bears to beat Houston (fingers crossed).

OK, here’s some images (with the occasional caption):

Above: I like this one because you can see Bucs QB Josh Freeman in the background as his pass goes into the hands of Dallas Clack, who is two yards from the goal line. He turns, takes to steps and scores!

Above: It’s not what you think: Bucs punter Michael Koenen is actually celebrating — his kick was good, and it sealed the win for the Bucs and when he turned around to head for the bench he kicked an imaginary ball into the stands to celebrate.

That’s it for this week! I’m off to Washington DC soon for my seminar this Thursday (this is the re-scheduled one from the one we had to postpone due to Hurricane Sandy). If you haven’t signed up to spend the day with me learning a ton of cool Photoshop techniques for photographers, it’s not too late. Here’s the link. 

Hope you all have a awesome Monday (I know, that’s an oxymoron). LOL! Cheers. -Scott


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