Take a peek at what makes me tick in this SmugMug Films World Premiere

SmugMug Films just released this video as a part of their on-going inspirational series on photographers and I’m so proud and excited to be a part of it. The experience of working with Smugmug on this project was so much fun, and getting to work with Smugmug’s director, editor and wizard of video, the amazing Anton Lorimer, was something I’ll never forget.

I hope you enjoy the video (and I hope you’ll share with other photographers out there as a way to introduce them this very cool series from SmugMug — I’m the fourth photographer in their series of videos and if you haven’t seen the others yet, you will love them — Here’s the link [you can subscribe for free to get all the photographer profiles as they’re released]).

My humble thanks to everyone at Smugmug for including me in their vision — it is truly an honor.

  1. When Scott wrote, “I’m so proud and excited to be a part of it” (meaning the video), I thought he’d be one of thousands and he’d be waving his hand from the crowd. Not so! Fortunately, he’s THE star of the video and succinctly imparts his philosophy on his photographic techniques. Don’t hesitate to see the video. Another Kelby gem!!

  2. A really well done video! Wish it could have been a bit longer, though. ;-) I think it captured your essence as a teacher and photographer. Thanks for sharing, Scott.

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