It’s “I Got Nuthin’ Monday, butâ¦.

â¦.that doesn’t mean there’s no time to share a photo of (wait for itâ¦wait for itâ¦) “Maggie The Wonderdog!”

That right, it’s Maggie Monday, because I’m out in Vegas teaching at the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait) show and it’s late at night, and I’m still on East Coast time, and I’m really tired, and blah, blah, blah I got nuthin.’

By the way, Maggie is a Coton de Tulear, which is French for “A dog that will occasionally sneak up on the dinner table and eat your meal if you are dumb enough to walk away for a moment to go to the fridge or something.” The reason why we do not load her into a circus canon and send her hurling into a faraway net isâ¦she is just so darn cute (who’s a good dog! who’s a good dog!).

Anyway, I’m hoping that Maggie’s innate cuteness will distract you from the fact that I actually have no real content today, so for now please enjoy, if you will, the oneâ¦the only⦓Maggie the Wonderdog!” 

My work here is done.


P.S. If you feel like wasting some more time today, and you don’t mind helping some Orphans who could really use a break, check out my new eBook that is nothing but my hand-picked favorite super-off-the-wall Chapter Intros from the books I’ve written over the years. It’s some pretty whacked stuff. That’s why it’s only $10 bucks. Here’s the link. Remember, helping orphans is crazy good Karma, plus Maggie will lick you right on the face if you buy a copy.


  1. Cute little gal, I can see the family resemblance! Say hi to Chuckie Lazier for me! Tell everyone I’m so happy to not be working at the booth!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Scott, and Coton kisses and WOOFs for Maggie from Apple Sparkle of Merry Hearts, our tricolor Madagascar Coton de Tulear. We recognized Maggie as a Coton the moment we saw her sweet face. Almost 10 years ago we drove 200 miles to pick Apple up at her birthplace, Merry Hearts Cotons, in a log home on Lake Huron in Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada. Apple has enjoyed her wonderful life with us here in SE Lower Michigan. Woz is Apple’s Godfather and when he makes a personal appearance in Michigan he mentions her as his Michigan connection and he even visits her at our house or we take her to visit him wherever he is speaking. Attached below is a photo of them together in our house in 2006 after he had appeared to receive an honorary Doctorate of Electrical Engineering and gave the commencement address at Kettering University in Flint, MI. Apple no longer wears ribbons as she now considers them “silly”. We hope Apple will live the maximum 18 years life expectancy for the Madagascar Coton de Tulear breed. We can barely remember life before her nor can we imagine life without her. Here are photos of Apple at 9 weeks at her breeder’s, in our yard before her first pro grooming, a glamour shot at 15 months, with her Godfather Woz at 2 years, and in her pink boa all ready to dance with him on Dancing with The Stars. Apple hopes you will bring Maggie with you next time you visit MacGroup Detroit! Your Maggie is beyond precious, as is our Apple.
    Very Best Wishes Always,
    Carol & Jerry Goodell
    Bingham Farms, MI

  3. Hey Scott, Love the new book! too funny Especially the intro to the book of intros, it reminds me of “Summer Lovin.”
    Have a great time at the conference because I’m sure its not a “I got Nuthin’ Monday” for them.

  4. (I can’t believe this is the first question I’ve ever asked Scott Kelby)
    How on earth do you keep her “beard” so white??? Or do you Photoshop every shot of her you publish? :-)

  5. I have to laugh at the question asked by pjapk “How on earth do you keep her “beard” so white?”, her being Scott’s “Maggie the Wonder Dog”. Our Coton de Tulear “Apple” loves
    both spaghetti and sloppy joes and her chin does not stay white! See pics attached. : )

  6. (I am repeating my comment of 5 minutes ago because it has not appeared. If two comments appear, you’ll understand why)

    I have to laugh at “jpapk”‘s question to Scott: “How on earth do you keep her “beard” so white? (her being Scott’s Coton de Tulear “Maggie the Wonder Dog”. Our Coton de Tulear
    “Apple”‘s chin does not stay white because she loves spaghetti and sloppy joes (within reason of course). See?

  7. (I am repeating my commens of 5 and 10 minutes ago because they have not appeared. If three comments appear, you’ll understand why). OOPS, I was trying to post a .PSD file but
    won’t make that mistake again. : )

    I have to laugh at “jpapk”‘s question to Scott: “How on earth do you keep her “beard” so white? (her being Scott’s Coton de Tulear “Maggie the Wonder Dog”. Our Coton de Tulear “Apple”‘s chin does not stay white because she loves spaghetti and sloppy joes (within reason of course). See?

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