Hey gang, Brad here.  I just got a message from Scott asking me to let you all know that he’s taking a sick day from the blog today.  He’s got a cold, along with all the coughy, sniffly, wheezy, blechy stuff that comes with it.  Nothing serious, just enough to need a day off from the blog :)

He did ask me to pass along his thanks to John Keatley for a great guest blog on Wednesday.  He told me that he really enjoyed the heartfelt story that John shared about one of the people who helped him pursue his photography career.  If you missed it for some reason, I highly recommend going back and giving it a read.  As one of the commenters said, it feels like a short read, but it’s not… It’s just an engrossing story! Plus, how intimidating must it have been to photograph Annie Leibovitz?? Again, thanks John for being part of the guest blog series!

Since it’s Friday, I thought I would share some fun links with you all…

  • If you need a good laugh, and especially if you’re a graphic designer, you’ve gotta check out the Clients from Hell blog. Careful though… You’ll spend an hour reading through those before you know it!
    If you’re into concert photography, I’m just getting started trying my hand at it.  I’ve posted some shots from a show I shot last weekend on my Flickr, so take a look and let me know what you think. Thankfully I’ve been getting lots of great pointers and help from my buddies Alan Hess and Drew Gurian so a huge thanks to them :) . I should have a real website up and running soon (thanks to the super talented RC), but Flickr will have to suffice for now.
  • And lastly, the second episode of new season of DTown TV is up! This is our first “tech review gear guide” episode where Scott and Matt (and even NAPP Director Larry Becker) talk about nothing but photography gear. We’ll be doing one of these every other week, so let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to cover!

On a serious note, Wednesday’s guest blog has had me thinking about the people who have helped me pursue my photography career.  Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of not only meeting but becoming friends with many well-known people in the photo industry.  There are days I wish I could go back and tell 18 year-old me about all the crazy adventures that lie ahead.  But none of this would even be remotely possible if it weren’t for one person who was an influence early on, and continues to be today.

Jim Veneman was my photo professor at Union University.  But he was and is so much more than that to me, many of my friends, and the students he continues teaching today.  He is teacher, mentor, friend, and advisor.  He cares.  He is passionate not just about photography, but about students’ lives.  When he teaches, he doesn’t just show pretty pictures and talk about equivalent exposure… He teaches you about life, and the difference a photograph can make in your life and other people’s lives.

Jim – Thank you for being the person that you are and caring as much as you do.  The world could use more teachers like you.

If you’d like to meet Jim in person, check out the Southwestern Photojournalism Conference coming up in March :)

Alright, that’s it from me today guys and gals!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. If it is going to be “shameless plug friday” then I am going to take the concert photography opening and plug the Photoshop World Live Concert Shoot Pre Con.

    Scott Diussa and I will be rocking and rolling in Orlando, March 23. It is, without a doubt, the loudest pre con at Photoshop World and not only will you learn something, its a lot of fun too.

    (I’m also teaching a class on the ins and out of concert photography during PSW so if you can’t make it to the pre con, you can still get some concert shooting advice.)


    Great gallery Brad.

  2. Brad, Just got through reading the book “Three songs,No flash”. It gives some inside tips on concert photography. The author has been photographing concerts for 40 years and I was surprised he used the same camera I started with in high school, the Minolta SRT-101. I have become friends with a couple of promoters and after a couple of free framed photos, I get in any show I want.

  3. I have been off sick for the last six weeks, it has been hell, been reading this blog it is a daily treat for me, keep up the good work.


    PS Tell Scott get well soon

  4. Regular daily doses of vitamin C & zinc;-) I hope that you feel better soon, Scott.

    Cheers, Ian P

  5. Great job Brad. Third Day is my favorite band, and the Newsboys rank pretty high as well. Who are the others? I didn’t recognize their faces, but I might know their music. I’ve been looking for concert photography tips this week since I’ll be up close at a Switchfoot concert next month. Hopefully they’ll at least let me bring in a 50mm lens.

  6. Brad, the “Clients from Hell” link is soooo funny! Thanks for the laughter (and the warning too of not spending all day in it). Love your photos on your flickr!

    Scott, get well soon! You’re messing up my morning routine without a blog post from you! :)

  7.  Scott Kelby hope you get well soon

  8. Get well Scott!

    Brad, those are some awesome looking photos. I’ve been using some of Alan’s tips I’ve gleaned from here and there for concert photos as well. You can see mine here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rhoughton/sets/72157621813771007/ This set is an anomaly though, since I’m normally at the mercy of whatever seats I get, and am never allowed to take my DSLR into concerts, outdoor venues with no restrictions (except video) are few and far between.

    I so wish I could go to PSW in Orlando – I’d be signed up for that concert photography pre-con workshop in a heartbeat!

  9. Wow Brad… I was cracking up because you really took off with the blog today. Who needs Scott…. just kidding!

  10. Brad,
    One hour was not a very accurate estimate of the time spent on that site. Please refund the extra time I spent there. Thank you.


  11. Ditto to what Beth says….”you really took off with the blog today.” Great job. How lucky Scott is to have someone like you.

  12. You guys should get a guest blog post from Paul Natkin. (http://natkin.net/)

    He has taken some very famous rock and roll pictures (Ozzy Ozbourne lifting Randy Rhoads being one of them.) and has interesting things to say about photographers rights and how they have changed with regards to the music industry.

  13. Scott Kelby is my hero! I have been following him since I started shooting! I recommend everyone who like photoshop to by his books!

  14. http://ishootshows.com/

    Check TODD OWYOUNG out too. Extremely good concert photographer. Exposure, framing, timing, lighting, he nails everything.

  15. Alan, heres a link to some of my concert photos, thanks for the tips!

  16. Since everyone is sharing concert pics, here’s a concert I shot recently. Any feedback is welcomed. http://wat23.com/html/randy.html

  17. Scott – sorry you’re under the weather…

    Hot lemonade (not the pink kind) – straight up, nothing else. Strong and as warm as you can drink it – does wonders to clean all that cold/throat stuff – or if you shout your voice out at a sporting event … good remedy.

  18. Get better soon, Scott.

    Brad… good work on Third Day! Are you going to be joining Alan and me at the pre-con?

  19. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You know you’re sick when you can’t type.

  20. I looked at Matt and Scott’s latest D Town.adventure. Scott didn’t look too good although he was trying to fake it. He wasn’t having fun like he usually does. And Matt was trying to keep his distance like Scott had the plague. Hope Scott feels better soon.

  21. I have a couple of questions about the Photoshop 20th Anniversary Party. THis is my first time going to an event like this and I just want to know what is the dress code for an event like this and what to bring other than my ticket (for example, my laptop, business cards, etc)? Please reply.

  22. Check out this video about taking a sick day… :) it excuses our author’s sick day lol


  23. if it weren’t for Scott kelby’s book, I never would have mastered Photoshop or Lightroom. He has saved me many times!

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