Taking “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch It” Out For a Spin

I mentioned earlier this week that back on Monday we invited some NAPP members to come to our headquarters (just outside Tampa, Florida), and be a part of a full dress rehearsal/dry run for my upcoming “Light It, Shoot it, Retouch It Live!” nationwide tour (inspired by my series of classes with the same name on Kelby Training Online). Well, I got some images from Brad and I thought I’d share them here with you guys on the blog.

The idea of this day was to get in front of a live audience, do the entire seminar from start to finish (with all the lighting set-ups, shooting, and then retouching, editing, and finishing of the photos in Photoshop), and then get live, on the spot feedback from the attendees about anything they wanted added, addressed in more detail, and generally anything I could do to make the day more valuable to them. Well, I’m happy to say, the experiment worked even better than I had hoped (and the tour will be that much better because of it).

OK, that’s me goofing off above while Brad was taking production shots (Nothing is more handsome than having a wire hanging off your face, eh?) Anyway, the audience was absolutely fantastic—I couldn’t have asked for a better group. They were totally into it, and a HUGE help with lots of insights, great questions, and requests that I was able to add directly to the detailed seminar workbook before it goes to press. By the way; you’d think I would have retouched that funky dent in my hair on the top left side, but after seeing this shot, I actually took it a step further and went and got my hair cut today. :)

Here I am doing bunny ears. It was that kind of day. We had three different professional models working with us during the day (two women and a man), and we went through different lighting set-ups for different looks, then we did the full portrait retouches, and ended each segment with finishing off the photos, and adding portrait effects and some fun Photoshop tricks (including a whole segment on compositing).

I really want this tour to be something that will help a lot of people by showing the complete process from empty room to finished image, and I owe a debt of thanks to everyone who came that day to help make the tour the best it can be. Thanks for all your feedback, great input, and for being such a great crowd to present to. You guys rocked it! :-)

This was, hands down, one of the most fun seminars I’ve ever taught, because we covered so much ground in so little time, and everything happened in real time. I’ll have cities and dates coming next week (the tour kicks off in just a few weeks), so stay tuned.

  1. Wow, it seems epic. I’ll just reinforce my cause, could you pleeeease come to Canada? Ottawa or Toronto, it’s not that far from NY, and I know you’re going to NY…

    I’t has everything to be an awesome semminar.

    (did I beat Ken today???)

      1. I agree, pleeeease come to Canada, not sure you ever have for one of your courses?? I’m in Alberta which isn’t close to any of the US seminar locations :-). It’s really not that bad up here. We only live in igloos for part of the year!

      2. Scott if you can’t make it to Canada.. how about Korea? Seriously though the next time I am back I would love to catch one of your lectures, tours, or whatever they look awesome!

  2. I hope Boston is on the docket! You have a lot of friends here.

    Scott, will you be touring with models or do you hire different models at each venue? Not that I am applying….. :D


    1. Hi John:
      Boston is one of the first stops :)

      As for models, we’re bringing some and hiring some locals. It’s a bit challenging because in each city we have to find one that looks exactly like the “What the Duck” character. ;-)


      1. Bob, I’ll be happy to buy YOU a beer, but I can’t buy for the other 398 people at the Boston seminar!


  3. Scott,

    I am just starting to experiment with portraiture, and your online class is “on the docket” for me to view. The timing of this is perfect; my club just had the first half of “studio night” last night, with explanations of how it will go in 2 weeks. I have SO much to learn. Are you planning a stop in Chicago?

    – Kev

    1. Hi Jason:
      Charlotte is actually the only place David goes, because it’s the last city left in America where they don’t have a warrant out for him. ;-)

      Charlotte may actually make the tour list. Keep your fingers crossed.


  4. Scott,

    Hope you are planning to come somewhere in Alabama, perhaps Birmingham. You could plan to come around the same time as the Indy Race at Barber’s and kill two birds with one stone.


  5. Scott. Thanks for a great seminar and a great day at your test run.
    To anyone considering attending the seminar on tour: Do it. You will learn so much and as always, Scott makes it fun while you learn. It’s a great day with a ton of good info.

  6. Scott,

    How about Otis, Indiana. It a well known town near Chicago and we could close the local church (which doubles as the bar every day but Sunday).

    Just kidding, living halfway between Chicago and Indy now I have to choose? This is rough.

    Tom Q

  7. Hi Scott. I would love to see your program live. Please consider bringing your tour to Las Vegas. We have a couple of very active local camera clubs out here, so I’m sure you would sell out.

  8. Hey Scott, how ’bout giving Phoenix a little love on this tour? Weather is PERFECT this time of year! And you can see some spring training baseball with all the teams that left Florida for the Arizona “dry heat”!

  9. Scott,
    Since McNally and Hobby are managing to miss Kansas City entirely, if you come here, where all your NAPP buddies have been(Cross, Monroy, RC, Ben Willmore), but I believe you never have, I will buy you the best brisket in the world. Those Flashbus guys are making me driver clear to St. Louis to their last stop, so as a consolation you could come to my hometown. Now you know who “Moshooter” was during the NAPPathon- it was me and it stands for Missouri Shooter!

  10. Looks like a great day was had by all Scott judging by the photos; looks like another great excuse to head over to the US in 2011 :)


    ps> It’s been a looooong time since I suffered with ‘hair dent’ I can tell you :)

  11. Hey Scott,

    Are you coming to San Jose, California?

    I really wish you could come, I just started photography.

    I am reading as many books as I can, watch as many videos from KelbyTV. I am also reading the last chapter of your book, the digital photography book volume 1. Its awesome, this is the book that made me start photography.

    If you are coming then that would be great and I will definitely come for my first seminar.

    Oh one question, should I buy Photoshop CS5/ Lightroom right away or should I wait for couple more months?

    Ritvik :)

    1. Ron, you know that’s a Gitzo ($349), don’t you? You can probably travel to NY for that! I have a Gitzo mono just like Scott’s, that would have really ticked me off to loose it, even though I could easily replace it. I hate breaking anything, it’s like sentimental!

  12. I hope you will bring professional PhotoShop technology to china. My simply knowing of PS technology is from your book,which helps me a lot. If you really come to china,
    we could learn the PS technology more directly and fully from you and your team!

  13. Scott, I just love “The Fonz” look you’re sportin’ for that seminar.
    Did you smack your fist on your camera whenever it wasn’t doing exactly what you wanted it to? Ha!
    (…or maybe punching the model…?)

  14. Hi Scott,

    Looks like you have everyone begging you to come to their location so I thought I’d chime in with a location as well. Traverse City Michigan is a beautiful resort community with wineries, great food, and friendly people. Each year we have the National Cherry festival and, more recently, Michael Moore founded the Traverse City Film Festival and the Traverse City Comedy Arts festival. I am trying to get a photo week started in Traverse City in order to inspire new photographers in an area filled with Natural Beauty. I talked to photographer, Bruce Dale, when he was in the area visiting and he said he would love to help and I was wondering if you would be willing to help also?

  15. For all interested in this seminar, I can only recommend attending. As one of the “chosen” ones lucky enough to attend I’ve enjoyed very much. Learned a lot and took home a great experience and lot of new friends. it was great to talk to all Photoshop Guys and staff at NAPP. Looking forward to see you all at PSW conference in Orlando 2011

  16. Hi Scott,

    Any chance you’ll be coming to Portland, OR? I’ve been a big fan of your books for a long time. I usually refer to them as my Photoshop bible.

    Keep up the great work and great shots of Stevie as usual.


  17. Hi Scott..saw your coming to Phoenix this month..& would love to sign up for the class…but was wondering if there is manual we get to take home…as a refreasher?? Thanks!

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