Thank you London — What a Wonderful Way to Wrap Up My Live Tour!

(Above: iPhone shot before the day got started).

It couldn’t have been a better crowd or location to wrap up my “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it” live tour than what we had last week in London, England.

What a great group of photographers — totally engaged, very responsive, lots of great questions, and some of the most kind, genuine folks I’ve had the honor to preset to. Some even brought gifts (I got everything from guitar picks (including some really cool ones), chocolate bars, British Kit Kats, and more.

My guest retoucher Glyn Dewis totally rocked it and gained LOTS of new fans, and it was such a kick sharing the stage with him. He showed loads of cool bonus stuff, and I sat in the crowd taking notes along with everyone else. Really a brilliant job and I learned a lot.

A big thanks to the awesome folks at “The Flash Centre”( who not only helped us with on our stage gear, but even gave away some cool Lastolite gear. Totally great folks (I visited their store in London, and if you haven’t, you definitely should — well stocked and super-helpful staff).

Also thanks to Adobe, who were there with a stand, and were kind enough to give away two copies of Lightroom 4 for our afternoon drawing.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the tour in London, to Flash Centre, to Adobe, to my mate Glyn for an outstanding job, to Dave Clayton for once again leading the charge to get us there in the first place, and to the warm people of England who’s big smiles and kind hearts made this a trip to remember. Can’t wait to come here and teach again soon!

  1. Fantastic day Scott, warm, humorous presentation and wonderful techniques…I’ve told everyone I know in Ireland so we will have to have you over to do a “Professional Leprachaun Retouching” seminar soon!

  2. Amazing day…even after quite ling trip from Italy!!

    Congratulation Scott, I’ve learned a lot last saturday!

    Hope to join you in one of next Photoshop World

  3. Thanks for a great day Scott (and Brad etc etc).

    Structured in an ideal format, funny (“…are we the same freakin’ species!”) and really informative. 

    Suddenly studio lighting doesn’t seem so intimidating.

    Come back soon!

    1. Hi Tim: Your comment about studio lighting not seeming so intimidating, really made my day. I really want photographers to give it a try, because it’s really not as hard as we’ve been led to believe, and I hope my class inspired you to give it a try. You’ll love having the ability to control light when you need to. Thanks for being there (despite I’m not sure that Shawn and I actually are the same species). LOL!!! 

  4. Thanks for making the trip and being so kind in answering my questions and signigy books (and complementing the Rays shirt, Go Rays!). I think everyone had a great day. Hope you and the family enjoyed it, hopefully we’ll have better weather for you next time!

  5. Thanks for coming over Scott and bring the Brad over, any chance of cloning him and leaving a few copies here!  

    Despite having some experience of studio lighting I learned so much more than I was expecting and definately have some new ideas to try out.

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