It’s Free Stuff Thursday!

Google+ Photographer’s Conference
We’re just a few weeks away from the Google+ Photographer’s Conference on May 22-23 in San Francisco! Register now for your chance to participate in photo walks, live shoots, and sessions with great instructors like Guy Kawasaki, Trey Ratcliff, Peter Hurley, Alex Koloskov, and tons of others. We just set up a couple of discount codes to use for registration…

Use GPLUSCOMM to save $50 off registration AND get 2 free months of online training at Or if you’re a student, use GPLUSSTUD to register for just $99 (must provide student ID)! These discount codes are valid until May 18.

And and, you can leave a comment for your chance to win one free ticket to the conference!
Want to know What’s New in Photoshop CS6? That’s the latest class from Matt Kloskowski over at!

Plus, there are two brand new classes from Rich Harrington: DSLR Video Planning & Shooting and DSLR Video Post Production. If you want to learn about DSLR video, there’s nobody better than Rich to teach this stuff!

The Photographer’s Photoshop CS6 Power User Tour
Speaking of learning the latest in Photoshop CS6… If you’re in Indianapolis, you’ll want to sign up for The Photographers’s Photoshop CS6 Power User seminar with Dave Cross! Dave is coming to town on May 23 with the tour that’s just been updated to showcase all the features photographers will want to know to get the most out of Photoshop CS6.

Keep an eye out for more dates to come, and leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to this seminar!

A Day with Jay Maisel DVD
It was announced on The Grid yesterday that we’re heading to Paris next week to film another class with Jay Maisel called (what else?), A Day with Jay Maisel in Paris! To celebrate, what better way than to give away three copies of the Day with Jay Maisel DVD that includes the first two classes that were filmed on the streets of Manhattan?

Leave a comment for your chance to win!

The Digital Photo Workshops with Dave Black
Join Dave Black and The Digital Photo Workshops crew as we explore the rugged coastline, lighthouses, and majestic villages of Maine. Rockland, Maine will be base-camp for this nautical themed workshop June 14-17, 2012.

You will work side-by-side with legendary photographer Dave Black as he shows you his magic technique of lightpainting. Take part in dawn patrol as we take you to some of Maine’s best sunrise photo spots. During the day learn workflow, Lightroom, and Photoshop techniques from the pros. Also get personal one-on-one help processing your images. As the sun goes down we’ll have you in the perfect spot to catch an image you can be proud of. And did I mention NAPP members get $100 off?

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to this workshop!

Last Week’s Winners
Here are the winners of last week’s giveaways…

David Ziser’s Wedding Portraits DVD
– S Traynor
– Lewis Johnston
– Camelia

The Digital Photo Workshop with Ben Willmore
– Lizzy Pat

That’s it for this week. Have a great Thursday!

  1. I missed the Grid and I missed the Jay announcement!  But put me in the drawing for his DVD set, Brad!

    Would love to attend the Dave Black workshop (it’s in my neck of the woods), but I’ll be on a cruise that week with my wife.  She’s better looking than Dave and I love her more….. :-)


  2. I would love a DVD set of a day with Jay.  Put me in for a chance in that drawing.  Other items I don’t think I would be able to attend.

  3. I would love to be a part of the google+ contest. It would give me a superb opportunity to learn from the the amazing photographer at the  conference 

  4. The Maisel DVD would be nice,

    I’d look at it once or twice,
    Then 3 times more…for sure more than 4,
    While I’m eating my beans and rice.

  5. I live in Norway, so I hope that It’s possible for me to win something. And I really hope to get the Jay Maisel DVD, to get better at street photography, and learn about what to look for when walking around a big interesting city.

  6. Jay Maisel in Paris?  What is next Joe McNally in Rome?  Or Scott at a football game ;-)? I so can’t wait to watch it over on Kelby Training.  These are the reasons why I will keep subscribing.

  7. Very happy to hear about the new “Day with Jay” coming up.  If there’s anything better than absorbing two days with Jay, it’s eagerly anticipating a third.  Can’t wait.

  8. Watched The Grid yesterday and nearly fell of my chair when you announced the new classes. Jay in Paris, can it get any better?! Oh, well the travel photography classes sound great too :)

  9. Jay Maisel in Paris sounds a very interesting third installment to the trilogy – should it be renamed to ‘Return of the Jay Guy’? ;-)
    Would be great to win a copy of the DVD.

  10. Please toss my name in the hat for the Dave Black workshop. That would be fantastic. Only 4 hours away from where i work during the week too. Thanks Brad and Scott

  11. the Day w Jay is one of the best and thought inducing videos that I have ever seen.  What a fresh way to present a photography lesson

  12. The folks at NAPP continue to raise the bar. Awesome training, fantastic guests and cutting edge help for us wannabes. Keep up the great work.

  13. Would love to win the Jay Maisel DVD  he is over the top!

    A Day with Jay Maisel DVD
    It was announced on The Grid yesterday that we’re heading to Paris next week to film another class with Jay Maisel called (what else?), A Day with Jay Maisel in Paris! To celebrate, what better way than to give away three copies of the Day with Jay Maisel DVD that includes the first two classes that were filmed on the streets of Manhattan?Leave a comment for your chance to win!

  14. Wow! So many cool things being given away this week. Thanks Scott! If I was going to win something it would be either the Jay Maisel DVD or the Dave Black workshop. Both great photographers and instructors.

  15. I have always wanted to visit Maine and the Digital Photography Workshop seems an excellent way to do that.  Please consider me for the free workshop ticket.

  16. Warning, Jay Maisel has a mouth that would make a dock worker blush! and a photographers eye that any of us could envy. I will take any freebie!

  17. I would love either prize. Loved the Days with Jay so far so adding Paris should be a hoot!.. And to get a chance to learn from David Black would be awesome, not to mention the one on one training wow.
    Please add my name to both free stuff and thank you for the chance to win.  

  18. Hopefully you will be able to answer this. I watch “The Grid”, “Larry Becker’s Cheap Shots”, “NAPP News”, “Ask Dave”, “Photoshop User TV” and “DTown” when new shows are done. Most of the time prizes are given out but I am wondering if it is ONLY for those that can watch the live version. How much time does one have when viewing the shows to enter the giveaway contests. Not everyone has the ability to be off when these shows are on for the fist run.
    A faithful NAAP Member and I love all that is done here.
    Thank You,

    1. Hey Phil – I just spoke with the person who picks prize winners for all of the shows, and they said they normally do it on Monday. Hope that helps!

  19. I can’t imagine how awesome “A Day with Jay Maisel in Paris” will be. Can’t wait. Would love to win either prize. A workshop with Dave Black would be an excellent adventure.

  20. Who does not drool with anticipation upon consideration of combining the romance of Parisian street photography with the realism and vision of Jay Maisel? I would love to be an invisible tagalong in such an adventure as that. Since it is not to be, swooning over the two existent DVDs of past interviews with Jay would definitely keep the fires of anticipation burning. A willing recipient am I. 

  21. I really want to go to the Google plus conference.  I really looks fantastic and could help me in so many ways at my day job (but work can’t send me).  Hey, maybe I could win a conference pass to that? 

  22. WOW, Paris!!!!!!! I would love to go!!!! Oh wait, you aren’t giving that away. My bad. I would like a  Day with Jay Maisel DVD  though. I could even make the Indianapolis date to see 
    Dave Cross too. I know I’m pushing my luck on that one too! Thanks!

  23. Day with Jay Maisel DVD  I love that retouching is kept to a minimum in his work.If any Google + are left laying around ? Im just saying

  24. I would love to have one of the copies of DVD of “Day with Jay Maisel” Would love to watch through it with my friends here who don’t have access to it on Kelby Training. Thanks again Kelby team. You guys rock. 

  25. Just found out about this blog through Flipboard, and I think it is awesome that you do these giveaways for your visitors! Will definitely be bookmarking this.

  26. Another Day with Jay? Scott that’s fantastic. Please pick me to win one of the copies of the DVD. Will be waiting in anticipation for the Paris one.

  27. A Day with Jay Maisel in Paris. Boy would I love to be a “fly on the camera” for that shoot. As someone who spent a week with Jay in NYC in 2010, I can personally attest that time with Jay is a life changer- I would love, via the DVD set, to relive that experience.

  28. The Jay Maisel videos were great. I learned so much from just watching you guys walk around New York. A short time after that he came to Columbus Ohio and I made the trip down to his lecture/conversation.
    So, pick me, pick me, oooh, oooh pick me…

  29. Congrats Lizzy, I was really hoping to win that AZ workshop. I am jealous!

    A lot of the other workshops sound great this week, but I am on a no fly list for 3 months (medical issues not a war criminal) so no reason to enter me for those. C

    Can’t wait to check out the HDSLR classes on Kelby Training!

  30. A Day with Jay Maisel in Paris, what a great idea. Put me in for that one. I would like to see Paris through his eyes and more than 30 years after I visited there.

  31. Jay Maisel’s first two “days” clarified and reignited my passion for street photography. He changed the way I shoot. Paris, I’m sure, will be another fantastic day. 

  32. Are we supposed to specify what we want? ‘Cause I want it all! (Cue the music.) Thanks for the chance- whatever it is I (hopefully) win!

  33. Thanks for all of the tip and help through the years, that’s why I love NAPP. I would also love to be entered in the Day with Jay Maisel DVD giveaway. :-)

  34. Our photograph class just watched Scott with Jay Maisel.  Very interesting.  I am new to photograph.  I loved his house.  I would love to share  Jay Maisel DVD with my class.

  35. I have all 3 of the Digital Photography books – it’s really rekindled my love of photography from the high school / college days (having a little more money now) and upped my game as an amateur.

    Hope to attend the Google conf since I’m a local — and get into your photowalk !

  36. The G+ convention has so many interesting topics to cover, I wish I could be there. It sounds like a combination of a PSW “lite” meets a cutting edge business and networking conference…. Oh, wait a minute. -click- ;-)

    Jay Maisel in Paris! Awesome, loved both “A Day With.. & Another Day With Jay Maisel” Please accept my little comment for the DVD giveaway (love that it’s a standard DVD and can be watched in any player).

    Thanks for all you guys do!


  37. What could be better, excellent topics, excellent speaker in an excellent city.  Fingers crossed that I win the free ticket.  

  38. I would love to win a copy of Jay Maisel’s DVD. After seeing comments like RC’s awhile back about his experience in NY participating in one of Jay’s workshops I eager for more content on this remarkable photographer.
    Don J J C

  39. A Day with Jay DVD would be great to win!…and to be able to refer to whenever and wherever I want. I really enjoy the interaction of Jay with Scott, Jay has so much knowledge to share and Scott does a great job of drawing it out.

  40. Even if I don’t win the Day with Jay Maisel DVD I’m just glad to know it’s available. Of course winning it would be much better :)

  41. I’m going to be there whatever it takes. I’m flying in from Texas so anything you can do to help it take a little less will be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

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