Thanks So Much Atlanta (and see you all in Vegas in the Fall!)

(Above: That’s Peter Hurley above and below on-stage delivering a funny, engaging, and throughly inspiring talk to close out the amazing week in Atlanta. Photos here by Brad Moore).

What an incredible week!
One of our best Photoshop World’s ever (and that’s saying something), partially thanks to the Galleria Center in Atlanta which turned out to be the best location ever for hosting a large event like Photoshop World, and partially because the people who came were so engaging, fun and ready to learn that it just set the instructor team on fire!!!!

Each year we close Photoshop World with what we call the “Wrap-Up Rally”
It’s kind of a closing ceremony that’s part learning, lots of fun, tons of prizes and giveaways, and even moments that can bring a tear to your eye or put a song in your heart. We ask three of our instructors each year to do a short 10-minute presentation on any topic they like, and sometimes it’s learning, sometimes it’s a viewing of their work, or stories about their lives, or a talk on how to build your business, but it’s always fascinating to be a part of. Kind of like a series of “Ted” talks all around the subject of photography, design or creativity, and it send everybody back home fully energized and these photos are from that closing rally.

We really strive to make each Photoshop World better than the last, and this one really raised the bar on a lot of levels. Just an incredible team of instructors doing what they do best and I talked to so many people who told me they had been to a number of previous Photoshop World’s and that they thought this was the best so far!

(Above: That’s Tamara Lackey who absolutely crushed it with her closing ceremony presentation on why she loves photographing children).

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone who took time out of their lives to come a spend a few days with us, totally engrossed in Photoshop, Lightroom, Lighting and Photography and I hope we’ll see you again this fall in Las Vegas for our biggest and best Photoshop World yet! Cheers Atlanta — you were a wonderful home to Photoshop World and a very gracious host indeed. :)

(Above: Moose Peterson during his closing presentation â” he kept his words short and sweet and let his images do the talking, and talk they did! The response was huge cheers from the crowd).

The next Photoshop World is coming in September in Las Vegas, at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino and registration is already open. I want you to be there next time when three other instructors stand on that stage and deliver their presentations and we all share in a life-changing, career-making, love fest for photographers, Photoshop freaks, and creative people from all over the world.

Thanks to Adobe Systems for all their incredible support and to all our awesome sponsors; to all the vendors who found a way to be at Photoshop World while juggling their time between us and the NAB conference out in Vegas (running at the same time), and to everyone who came from all over the world to be a part of this very special event. My heartfelt thanks to you all.


  1. I hope that means it is coming to Atlanta again (with the caveat they perform an exorcism on Meeting Hall A where microphones, triggers and digital tethering go bonkers). Some comments from our Athens Photo Guild members: “I thought I was pretty adept at LR. Now I know even more and know how to better teach it,” from an APGer who is slated to give a couple of LR classes. “It was great to be able to talk directly to a vendor (Epson Printers) and get answers to my specific questions instead of trying to navigate through a web site.” From two retired members who recently bought Epson Printers.

    Personally I had the pleasure and joy of finally meeting Dan Hughes (former NIK webinar instructor now working for MacPhun software). His 3-a-day webinars are the reason I can competently use NIK plug ins. Also Matt Kloskowski was kind enough to give me some good input on which Wacom to buy. That guy is so approachable and down to earth. Vincent Versace confirmed my choice of a set of carbon fiber tripod legs I was looking at. Other than the instruction I guess that was a highlight for me: meeting instructors and being able to get their field-tested input on gear purchases I’ve been wanting to make.

  2. Scott, I posted yesterday a few of my thoughts on PSW, so I’ll keep this brief. Nowhere else can you find such an amazing group of people (the KelbyOne team) and instructors come together to provide such an informative and engaging learning experience. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go this year, and I can’t wait to go again.
    Thank you for being the driving force behind the whole conference. The KelbyOne attention to detail was evident everywhere in the convention center, and it made my experience that much more enjoyable. I wish I had had more time to chat with you, but there was way too much stuff to see and do (for me and you!). Next time….. :-)

  3. This was my first PSW and to say it was amazing would be somewhat of an understatement. I have been a KelbyTraining/KelbyOne Member for about 4 years so I have watched a lot of videos from these same presenters but still had a bunch of “aha” moments where things really came together and now I have so many ideas on how to solve some of the problems I was having. I’ve been planning photo assignments for myself ever since I left. The whole experience really exceeded my expectations.

  4. Hi Scott,
    I am glad PSW went okay for you guys in Atlanta. Can you give us International people an indication as to whether you are likely to have a Photoshop World in a different Country let alone another location in the US. I am originally from the UK but now live and work in Sydney Australia, and it makes it somewhat difficult to get to the States for PSW and would really like to go sometime.

    Would you guys consider having it in Sydney (or close to) some time?



  5. I was very glad I made the commitment to attend in Atlanta. It was my first Photoshop World and was worth every penny. Although I didn’t get a chance to meet Mr. Kelby himself I feel like I know him and many of the other inspirational instructors on Kelby One. It’s clear to me why Photoshop World and Kelby One have been such a great success. It starts with the vision and choices made from the top. Thank you and I look forward to being a consistent attender of future PSW’s.

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