The Coolest Thing On the Photoshop World Expo Floor Ever!


Last week I promised that I would tell you guys a little bit about what the folks at FJ Westcott did on the Photoshop World Expo Floor that made them the talk of the show, but first a little history. (All Photos by Terry White. Thanks T!).

Dave Moser (NAPP’s Chief Operating Officer) and I had come up with an idea with based on the the fact that so many people already bring their cameras to Photoshop World. We thought it would be cool if we set up “shooting stations” for lack of a better term, where we would have sets and props or professional models, all professionally lit, where they could practice their skills.


A few months back I called Kelly Mondora over at Westcott Lighting to share the idea, because the only way this was really going to work was to use Continuous Lighting, like their TD-5 Spiderlites (having to deal with strobes, and wireless channels, and getting multiple people shooting at once, just would be a nightmare, and by using the TD-5’s we’d sidestep all that, plus as many people that wanted to shoot at one time, could).


Well, Kelly was all over it, and basically they took the idea and totally ran with it and it was literally the talk of the show because: (1) How incredibly creative the sets and concepts were, and (2) how well executed each set was with great props and backgrounds (3) how nicely lit each set was (4) that the male and female models were great and incredibly patient, (5) the make-up artist they flew in was just amazing, and (6) the fact that they changed the sets and models every day!!!! (One of their sets the first day was Catwoman, as seen at the top of this post. Photo by Terry White).


People were shooting at the “Westcott Shootout” literally all day, every day during the entire conference. You could see crowds huddled around each set at any given time, as seen above (Westcott did all this, while they were running their regular booth at a different location on the show floor).


Anyway, I was so excited at how it came out (which Westcott gets, and deserves 100% credit for), and I wanted to share it with you guys here, so if you come to Orlando Photoshop World next March, you absolutely, positively have to bring your camera and see what they come up with next. (Check out some of Scott Bourne’s awesome shots from the Shootout right here, and here, and here).

Bond, James Bond

Consider this my standing ovation to Kelly, to photographer Michael “MJ” Green who worked the shootout and helped everybody along the way, and to everyone at Westcott who showed that they do way more than just make lighting. They make cool!

P.S. Check out Westcott Lighting on Facebook right here. They always post lots of cool stuff, and videos and tips on lighting.

UPDATE: Westcott caught more than just the attendees attention with their shootout—the LA Times did a write-up on them. Here’s the link.

  1. You are so right Scott, this was so cool. I was an ID 10 T on day one and didn’t make it that far back in the expo so I didn’t get any shots then. However, I discovered it later and got some really decent shots on day 2 & 3. Thanks go out to Kelby Media Group for putting on an excellent convention and Thanks go out to Westcott for their lighting stations and models who were all so gracious. Everything about Photoshop World was amazing, at least to me!

  2. Those were pretty cool. I only took my G10 to PSW because I didn’t feel like hauling my normal camera bag plus my laptop. Got some decent shots of the first still life set, but felt like a doof while surrounded by “real cameras” aimed at the models, so I wimped out. Hate that I did that.

      1. Matt, this was my first PSW and I learned a few lessons also. Better to have it and not need it Than to need…..wait, no whining, bring the DSLR next time! :)

  3. Scott,
    This was an awesome (word of the week) idea. My only regret is not checking the floor more often. I missed Cat Women and one other model but I got some great shots. I have one TD-5 light and will pick up at least one more. My strobes may never come out again! Thanks again for everything.

  4. Hi Scott,

    This was my first PhotoShop World and it was wonderful. If fact, that’s me in the 4th photo above shooting at the Westcott both (standing with the black bag over my shoulder). The Westcott sets were a really fun addition to a great 3 days.

    rb stevens

  5. Thanks Scott. We are so happy to hear everyone enjoyed it and look forward to taking it to the next level for Orlando. A special thanks to our entire crew as well as your gang there at NAPP. It was a group effort! If anyone has any ideas for Orlando, throw them our way. We LOVE feedback!!!

  6. Hats of to Kelly and for you guys to come up with such an idea making use of the continuous lighting set ups; a great way to witness first hand how good the equipment is.

    Personally speaking I’m not someone who takes my DSLR to functions but saying that, if these kind of stands catch on that may very well change :)

    Cheers, Glyn

    ps> On a slightly different note, I gotta say Terry’s portfolio is kicking a$$. Hope I’m not speaking out of turn but it seems that over the past couple of years he’s really turned up the heat and is producing some really great work!

  7. Wow this was SO much fun. Let me just say right off that bat that I didn’t think anything could top the honor of being asked to be part of the PSW speaker team – but shooting these models on these great sets, with the help of a top-quality makeup artist and the nifty Westcott lights just about did it. This was the best trade show floor exhibit I’ve seen in more than three decades of going to photo trade shows! It would be worth the price of admission to PSW just to take part in this. The people shooting all agreed it was the talk of the show and I am pretty sure that everyone came away with some fantastic images. Major hat tip to Kelly, Westcott and of course Scott Kelby and team for putting this together. Thanks also to Mr. Kelby for linking to my shots :) I really enjoyed working with the models and everyone else at the show.

  8. Hey, guys. Yes this was an absolute blast to be a part of. I can’t take all of the credit for working the floor though, Eric Eggly and I took that on, and I gotta make sure he gets the props to. We teamed up on the lighting setups with the goal in mind to show what the TD5’s could do, but also that it is ok to break the rules and be creative. It was great fun helping out the crowds with ideas, and tips on shooting. I gotta say my job was pretty easy though, having Candice our makeup artist, great models, and phenominal sets to work with, the crowd could practicly point in the general direction with their eyes closed and get great shots. Thanks to all that helped out and I have to say I enjoyed meeting all of you and helping were I could.

    1. Hi Michael,
      It was great to visit with you at both of Westcott’s booths. Especially the questions you answered for me when you were doing the demos at the front booth. Your suggestions will help me a lot. I find it easy to talk to people, but have always found it difficult to communicate with a model. Like you said, “they are humans too” so I will talk to them just like I did you, V, Ken, Scott and everyone else.
      I think it’s just the “Permission” aspect of what you said grew my model conversing a lot.
      Thank you so much for a few words of wisdom (for me at least)

    2. Michael, Thanks for the props brother, it was absolutely great working with and getting to know you at the show. I had a great time and everyone was fantastic at the show, from the staff of NAPP to everyone from Westcott to the attendees. I can’t wait to do another one and hopefully work with you again.

  9. I loved this new addition to the show!!! On Friday morning, I finally had a chance to leave the booth and walk around to check out the showfloor. So so exciting to see those set-ups….too bad I didn’t have my camera with me!

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