The Grid: Blind Photo Critiques, Episode 441

Blind Photo Critiques on The Grid

Check out the latest episode of The Grid, where Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna do another round of Blind Photo Critiques!

New KelbyOne Class: Photoshop Layers for Beginners with Terry White

Learn how to get started with layers in Photoshop with Terry White! Layers are one of the most important and most used features in all of Photoshop, so if you really want to get good at Photoshop, you need to understand layers.

Join Terry as he provides a solid foundation for understanding what layers are, how to create them, and how to make the most of all the features they provide. In this class you’ll learn about the different kinds of layers, how to make new layers, how to work with multiple layers, how to mask a layer, how to keep those layers organized in all of your future projects, and so much more. 

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