The Grid: Getting Access And Why It’s So Important – Episode 450

The Grid: Getting Access And Why It’s So Important – Episode 450

If you really want to take your photography to the next level, getting access is the key to success. Join Scott Kelby and Erik Kuna as they discuss their experiences with finding ways to get into that behind-the-scenes space at events and other opportunities. Whether it’s getting into the locker room at a sporting event, inside a special location when no one is there, or as close up as possible to a rocket launch, getting access is one sure-fire way to set your photography apart from the crowd.

New KelbyOne Course: Hands-On with the Canon EOS R6 – Everything You Need to Know to Get Great Shots

Get up to speed on the Canon EOS R6 with Erik Kuna! If you’ve purchased the R6 or are just curious about what it has to offer, then this is the class for you. Join Erik as he shares his experience with using the R6, discusses what type of photographer will benefit the most from this new model.

From there, Erik takes you on a deep dive exploration of the buttons, dials, and menus to help you get the most out of this Swiss army knife of cameras.

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