The Only Things You Really Need to Know On Your Camera

A few weeks ago Erik and I did an episode of ‘The Grid’ where we focused on just the things you really need to know on your camera. The reason we did this is with all the recent releases from Sony, Nikon and Canon, a lot of folks are getting overwhelmed with all the features, knobs, options, dials and such. So, we thought we would help you cut through all the clutter and get down to what really matters on your camera.

The feedback on this episode was just incredible with so many people finding it really helpful, that I wanted to share it with you today (it’s embedded below.

But, if you’re a gear head like me…

Then you’ll want to watch the episode below (from last week) where we did an open “Gear Q&A Day” and what really made it interesting were the questions from our viewers, like “If you could only use three lenses, what would they be?” Lots of great, intriguing questions like that. I think you’ll dig it, and you can watch (or just listen in the background) if you like. Here’s that one:

Hope those help to get your week off to a great start!

Here’s wishing you safety, sanity, good health and lots of great images. :)


P.S. Next month ‘The Landscape Conference’ kicks off, all online, and you don’t want to miss out. Hit this link for more details.

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