The people have spoken — it’s time to cut ’em!

Thanks so much for your help everybody — your votes are in and I’m cutting the three images you see above, which will get me back down to my 24-image limit.

I have to say I was very surprised at how close the voting was, with only 84 votes separating first and last place. The yellow Ferrari rear detail shot (A) was the first choice by pretty decent margin.

Thanks again to everyone who participated — it helped a bunch. :)

  1. It’s always interesting to see what other photographers think/like. I didn’t like the way the tail light stuck out in the otherwise super yellow Ferrari shot. Just something about that angle. I guess the engine block was too black and boring for most folks, although I really liked the way it was lit. The red Ferrari text is just too easy though. I thought the Ferrari wheel shot was the best of the bunch, save for the white reflection on the center cap.

  2. You cut two of the three for which I voted! As CHIEF Inspector Jacques Clouseau used to say, “A sharp eye and a quick mind is why I so often fail while so many succeed”! All great shots.

  3. Well, I picked the Ferrrari wheel and the Audi engine above (along with the yellow Ferrari shot). Guess I wouldn’t make it as a editor. I do love those detail shots, though!


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