Hi Gang: Can I get your help with something? I’m over my self-imposed limit on the number of images I have in my online automobile portfolio gallery (called “Personal Work” in my Sports portfolio — it’s a long story), and I was hoping you might help me trim things down. I did some of the leg work, by narrowing these down to these six images which are “on the bubble.”

Here’s how to vote
I can only keep THREE of the following images so I was hoping you’d choose your THREE favorites from these, let me know your choices, and then I’ll tally the votes and cut the other three remaining images. If you could vote in the comment section below — just give your picks by letter “A, B & C” or “C, D and E” etc., (the letters appear in the bottom right corner of each image).

Remember, only choose the THREE keepers by letter (and many thanks in advance). Here we go:

Many thanks for helping me out here. I’ll post which ones made the cut here once I count the votes.

Thanks again (and have an awesome Tuesday!). :)



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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. D is the only one I love

  2. A,D, and F have my vote :)

  3. B, c, d. The others have nit-picky things that I think could be done better/cleaner. Cheers! Paul

  4. A C E. C must stay regardless of the votes. Awesome shot!

  5. They’re all wonderful pictures but I would keep only A,B and C

  6. D, the rest of them are either too busy or just plain dull

  7. A and C for sure, and then it’s an even pick, but I would prefer D.

  8. C, D, F … Range of brands, styles

  9. A, B, D

    C you can find loads of images of that kind that are better. So stands to your own argument in countless Grid episodes that it most go :)

    E i don’t see as that strong, and if we are talking portfolio I don’t think that the half bts shot F should be there. Might be just as much for the light in the front as the car – no clear message :)

  10. A, D & E
    A: because it sweeps you in to the red light, and I think the colors have something to do with it
    D: because it draws you in and you want to know what is back in the dark spaces
    E: because of the detail and the contrasting colors

  11. Scott, you know I’m a sucker for detail shots, so my picks are A, D, and E.

  12. A, B, D
    See you in Atlanta!

  13. Scott, to be honest, with the possible exception of B none of these work for me. Sorry.

  14. A, D, E (Also, Scott, I tried using an email address I have with the new .photography domain name and I was told it is invalid. Uh, it’s not. Just an FYI.)

  15. A,C,D

    Have u set a date for the WW Photowalk?

  16. A,C,D Scott ;)

  17. This was easy for me: ABC

  18. A, D, E as they are all about the light

  19. I guess A, B, D. Definitely not E because I can’t get past the skewed logo and I would rather see the entire Ferrari wordmark on the brake caliper.

  20. Aww man who gets stuck adding up all the votes… Brad? If so… poor guy :(

  21. A, D, and F

  22. Hi Scott,

    A, C and E

  23. A, B, D, much as I like C, it’s only the “jarring” of the ceiling lights that just nudges it out IMO.

  24. B is about the color red, combined with text which commands you to read it, strongly defining the photo’s subject. E on the strength of the graphic elements and the interchange between red and yellow. D the uniqueness of the Ferrari engine.

  25. A. C. E.
    oh look it spells something. :-)

  26. C & D for sure. A over B I suppose but it’s really tough.

  27. C, E, then F if you need a 3rd

  28. A, E, F Good Luck with this! I think you’ve created more problems?

  29. A, C, & E. Let’s let Corey Barker show us all how to build a version of B.

  30. My keepers would be B, E, F

  31. What? No pictures of that lovely Aston Martin in your selection? That’s an outrage! :)

  32. Call it the subconscious….but you labeled them alphabetically because A,B,C are the best consecutive shots :-)

  33. D – E – F, but I agree with many of the comments- none are especially strong shots. They lack that something special you do so well. If it were someone else, you’d likely say to reserve only your best work for your portfolio.

  34. I think you should ACE it… A, C, E

  35. Scott, I have to agree with others – I’ve liked some of your other car shots better than these options. Nonetheless, choosing 3 of these, I would go with C, B, A

  36. If these are all “on the bubble” why not cut them all and leave only your very best, hmm?
    That said, I personally prefer A, B, and D because C is a bit grainy, E has a lot of distracting highlights, and while F is really cool it doesn’t seem to fit the series.

  37. Not F and A and B are weak.

  38. I really like A (very cool textures and light play on the car), B is beautiful and simple (reminds me of the Cars logo from Pixar), and C is very technical and has an appealing “different look” from the others.

  39. A,C,E by THE Ace Scott Kelby!

  40. Keepers: A, D, F.

  41. A,B and D for me with my favorite being A

  42. A,B and D for me with my favorite being A

  43. E although I think there are too many highlights, especially on the yellow logo
    F as a how-to light shot
    The others are technically great, just none of them are jumping out at me
    (Everybody is a critic)

  44. My approach to editing is simple. If I am are not sure about, it doesn’t make the cut.

  45. A, C, E

  46. Bonjour, choix difficile!A,B,E elles son toutes belles !Bonne soirée

  47. D, E, and A in that order.

  48. ABC, although I would pick only A and C

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