The Rebirth Of The “Kwik Stand” Light Stand

generated_23_46_38Do you guys remember when I did a video clip about a light stand that was perfect for wedding photographers because as soon as you lift it up, the legs collapse inward, so sliding it in/out of a church pew was a total no-brainer, and getting in tight places where you normally wouldn’t think of putting a light stand? (here’s that video clip—if you watch it, it’ll all make total sense). Anyway, it was called the Kwik Stand, and a lot of photographers snapped them up, and fell in love with them.

Sadly, the company that invented them closed last year (unrelated to the success of the Kwik Stand), but the good news is; another Kwik Stand lover has not only licensed the technology, but has improved upon it and is now offering their version of the stand, called a “Cheetahstand.” We just got a couple in the studio in the past few weeks, and they’re awesome. (Here’s the link for more info. They’re $89.95 with free shipping in the continental US).

I’ve only used them for Wedding shoots so far, but if you guys have any other ways these might be used, let me know (there just might be something in for you if you come up with something really practical). Anyway, watch the video (link above), then if you’ve got other ideas for how you might use this stand, let me know by posting a comment here on the blog.

One more thing: NAPP members get $10 off. (Hey, 10 bucks is 10 bucks!)

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  1. I’m a ceramic artist and need to shoot my own work. I don’t want to spend a fortune on photo equipment, but want something reliable. I bought a canon rebel that has a sufficient zoom lens that I can use on manual mode (old school college photography class skills only). I need something I can mount lights on…don’t laugh…a clip on light that I use a tungsten bulb in. Any suggestions on stands? Tripods? Thanks! M barber

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