These Beautiful Images Didn’t Win A Prize, But They Sure Were Good Enough To!

Last Friday I announced the Grand Prize Winner and then prize-winning finalists from this year’s Worldwide Photo Walk, but there are some other images that, while they didn’t wind up winning a prize, were still so good that I thought they needed some special recognition, so I wanted to share some of these images in an “Honorable Mentions” post here to celebrate these images which are so good they deserve to be recognized.

Note: You could make a case for any of these to have been chosen as a finalist (in fact, all of these images were in the running and on my short list at one point which gives you an idea of how hard it is making the final decisions. There are just so many wonderful images again this year).

Congratulations to all these photographers below who created such wonderful images; all within a short time span, in a location they didn’t choose, at a time they didn’t choose, on a route they didn’t choose, while navigating their way through a group of other photographers in the same location. That’s a tough thing a do, and another reason why these images taken during the walk are officially receiving an Honorable Mention:

Warrington, Whitesbog Village, USA
Photo By: Ashwin Chathuruthy
My Comment: This is so serene, but beyond that — the color is just spot on. The warm tones, with the red paddles, and the nice post processing — they all come together in this shot. 

Photo By: Liew-Tong-Leng
My Comment: I love the expression (of course), but the fact that they’re on that floor creates a scene that would be home in the movies (even an animated one). Just lovely. 

Photo By: Justin Ambrosio
My Comment: When your photo walk is very early in the morning, you get the opportunity for beautiful skies, and then you put a clear subject (very necessary for a silhouette) and you come away with a really nice shot. 

Fasa, Iran
Photo By: Mehdi Kazemi Boomeh
My Comment: I love the composition here, with the children way off to the side, but the ball in mid-air is the icing on the top of this wonderful shot. Nicely done (and a great eye for composition).

Shahid Zangeneh, Iran
Photo By: Reza Zangeneh
My Comment: I know — we’ve seen this type of shot each year in the Photo Walk, but there’s a reason we keep seeing these types of shots — they’re interesting. Nice black and white conversion here, too.

Worcester, USA
Photo By: Ben Woodbury
My Comment: This was one of my favorites and just narrowly missed making the finals. It’s tough to make a still life like this intriguing, but there’s just something about this one. The texture, the color, that still swatch of yellow on the bucket. The color just all works so well here. I love it!

Hyattsville, Maryland, USA
Photo By: Will Taylor
My Comment: I love the symmetry of this image and the post-processing helps pull it over the top. Nice.

Mashhad, Iran
Photo By: Mehran Kariman
My Comment: This is some nice timing, and if only for a moment, it still creates the illusion that those are real shadows. Good eye and I imagine it looks a bit of patience and timing, too. 

Columbus, Ohio, USA
Photo By: Andrew Kimmel
My Comment: Great perspective, nice light, and nice post. Just nice. 

Seattle, Washington, USA
Photo By: Lindsay Umrysh
My Comments: It is really, really, challenging to make a fresh shot of a landmark that’s been “shot to death” but this photographer did it.  

Angono, Rizal, Philippines
Photo By: Kyle Francisco
My Comments: What a joyful shot (and the black and white treatment looks very appropriate here, too). 

Qum, Iran
Photo By: Pedrammosavi
My Comments: This is one of the most intriguing shots of the day — look at the different looks on the faces of the men here. It’s a documentary shot taken during a photo walk. wow. 

Cairo, Egypt
Photo By: Ahmed Abdelkader
My Comments: This one just puts a smile on your face. :)

Cebu City, Philippines
Photo By: Neil Caipang
My Comments: Great light and a great point of view through the vehicle. The black and white works so well here.  

Skrzyszów, Poland
Photo By: Damian Szewczyk
My Comments: She looks so determined. So purposeful. The black and white works so well. It’s cute or creepy, not sure which, but I do know this –  it belongs in this group. 

Seattle, Washington, USA
Photo By: Janet Conrad
My Comments: Great color, texture, and post-processing. I’m not generally a fan of the “rust” craze, but I sure do like this shot. 

Depto, Chile
Photo By: Natalia Cea
My Comments: The light really makes this one. Cool shot. 

Muscat, Oman
Photo By: Rajesh Kumar
My Comments: I love the color, the scale with our subject way down the hallway, and the overall composition, showing so much of the top of the image. 

Innsbruck, Austria
Photo By: Fernando Santos
My Comments: This was taken during the photo walk I hosted in Innsbruck, and I can tell you, I sure didn’t see this shot. Well done. 

Shiraz, Iran
Photo By: Zahra Dashtbashi
My Comments: What a great subject, and what great timing. The gesture takes it over the top. Really nicely done. 

Panchkula, India
Photo By: Viraj Mehta
My Comments: Come on…this is awesome!

Orlando, Florida USA
Photo By: Russ Weiderhold
My Comments: Her pose is just so right for this background. I like the post, too. Just a cool shot.  

Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain
Photo By: Alfons Trigas
My Comments: This one looks like it was taken on a movie set. I love shots where you want to know the rest of the story and this is certainly one of those. Very cinematic. 

London, United Kingdom
Photo By: Andrew Newman
My Comments: This is such a clean shot — I love the ultra-wide composition and simplicity of it all. It looks like a commercial shot. Well done.

Pickering, Canada
Photo By: Geoffrey Inniss
My Comments: This isn’t an easy shot to get during a photo walk, but he nailed it. 

Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA
Photo By: Cindy Gaab
My Comments: I really enjoy shots where the subject is color, and you could say this one qualifies, but the patterns and symmetry help make this an even more interesting shot. 

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
Photo By: David Rizzico
My Comments: Blurry shots are tough to make look good because most of them look like an accident. This one doesn’t — it looks very intentional and very good. Nice job!

Well done!
My hearty congratulations to all these photographers on creating such wonderful images that they deserved special recognition here on the blog. We still have the winner of our Leaders Competition (lots of great shots — another tough one to judge)  to go. It’s such a treat getting to enjoy so many great images!

Hope you all have an awesome Monday!

All my best,


  1. Any one of these shots could have been your overall winner!! Really dynamic images!! Frankly, I don’t know how you decide!! Great job, Scott…love your comments on each photo…spot on!!

  2. Very proud to see my photo from the Innsbruck photowalk on this Honorable Mentions page :) It was one of those moments that you need to be prepared. You see the opportunity and you wait for the shot to happen. Learned that from a Jay Maisel class at KelbyOne. The shot was taken at the side entrance to a local church, near the meeting point for the photowalk.

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