This is Totally Unrelated to Well…Anything, But “Here’s Big Electric Cat!”

OK, this is totally off topic, but I’ve had so many people ask me here on the blog if I had a recording or a video of my band, “Big Electric Cat” and I didn’t have one…until now. I ran across a DVD taped two years ago at B.B. Kings Bar & Grill. My foot was in a cast (note the crutches on the left behind me) , so I had to sit most of the time (I don’t like to sit when I play), but at least I found it.

It’s us playing the last song of the night — it’s kind of our trademark song, originally recorded by Mother’s Finest, it’s called “Baby Love.” The audio mix is pretty lame, as is the lighting, but you still at least kinda get the idea. So, without further ado (yes, that was “ado”) here is Baby Love performed by Big Electric Cat (From L to R: Tony Llanes on Guitar, Felix Nelson on Bass, Kalebra on Vocals, Scott Stahley on Drums, and me on Keyboards).

  1. Thanks for sharing Scott. I wish I could’ve been one of the lucky one’s to have seen you live at a PSW but at least now many more of us have been able to appreciate the ‘Big Electric Cat’ sound – with the added ‘bootleg’ recording experience ;-)

    Don’t suppose you’d all consider playing again at PSW ‘2012 in DC, seeing as I’m travelling all the way over from the UK? Pretty please ;-)

  2. Thanks Scott for sharing with us other aspects of your creativity. I loved it!
    I personally came from a very music and arts oriented family but I am still no musician. I have a great appreciation for how you have made the time to extract every ounce of creative juices out of your body and continuously do so (you just keep on going, and going, and going …). I have a great admiration for your skills a s a writer, instructor, photographer, photoshop expert and now musician. And let me just add that for the past few years (about 4, I believe) my life and career as an artist, has dramatically jumped up to a new level through all the learning and exposure I’ve had to brilliant talent provided by Napp and consequently Kelby training expertise. I express my gratitude to you all, it is long overdue. NAPP is a GREAT organization because it is made up of GREAT people — it is that simple.
    Thank you

  3. Nice Scott. Too bad to had to sit and play in a cast. I’m sure you would have crowd surfed and gotten crazy. I just hope you wouldn’t bite the heads off of chickens, as that may be a little too much for some. Rock out!

  4. Very nice. I first noticed how “tight” the sound is — no sloppiness on the beat, the rhythm section was together, the vocalist wasn’t trying to sing out of her range, and the harmonies were right on, too.

    Why are so many photographers also musicians?

  5. there is no end to the list of talents possessed by your beautiful wife … and i love that the two of you share this with each other! thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. Nice job on the Mothers Finest, our band use to cover quite a bit of MF. Tell your signer she’s giving Joyce Kennedy a run for her money! Great job Guys and Gal!!

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