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SmugMug Pro is normally $150.00 for the year, but if you purchase this weekend (until Sunday Night at midnight PT), you will get it all for just $82.50.  That’s 45% off!!!  This offer is for new users to SmugMug.

SmugMug Pro offers unlimited storage and multiple print solutions plus:

– Gorgeous and Simple Galleries
– Set your own prices and profit
– Your own Domain
– Photo and Video Downloads
– Deep Customization
– Boutique Packaging
– Watermarks and Printmarks
– One Click Themes
– Email and Social Sharing
– Analytics and SEO
– A Stunning iPad App
– 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
– Completely Advertising Free Platform

Please use the following coupon code – KelbyWeekend – which you will enter at purchase. Click this link and select the Pro option for 1 year, there you will enter the coupon code to receive your discount. It’s that easy.

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  1. Bummer, its only for new people. Mine is up for renewal and debating whether i want to. I would if i could get the discount.

  2. Thanks for this info, Ive been wanting to sign up now that Mobile Me gallery is going away. 

  3. Cool!
    If I am already a Smugmug Pro user, will that code work for a renew?
    Thanks!! =)

  4. I am a very happy Smugmug PRO user for two months now. Those guys are doing a really great job and provide excellent value for money. The special weekend offer just proves their awesomeness.

  5. So what are they offering for those who have been dedicated to them for years?

  6. I joined SmugMug yesterday using a 20% discount coupon and then today I see this… bummer!

    • If you just signed up yesterday try to contact their support staff and tell them. they may just go and honor the 45% off. I’ve been using them for 6 months and they have the best customer support hands down.

  7. how timely – I was going to sign up this weekend. Thanks so much!

  8. Where is the appreciation for loyal customers?

    “A stunning iPad app”. You must have a secret version the rest of us are forbidden from seeing. The SmugMug iPad app hasn’t been updated since 2010 and barely has a 2 star rating. I hardly call that stunning. Of course, I seem to be the only person on the planet with any critique for SmugMug, apparently I’m drinking the wrong juice (probably explains the lack of customer service I have received from them).

  9. I’m trying to take advantage of this, but the website is not applying the discount code. I have tried on two different computers.

  10. Can a few people say what they use SmugMug for? I remember looking into it a couple of years ago but couldn’t use it because it was US-only at the time. Now I am looking at it again I just find the themes really lacking in polish and style, maybe even taste if that’s not too brutal. Do people use it as a shop that they link to or send clients to after a job or do people use it as a front end?

  11. Nothing. See the response I got from support:

    Unfortunately these offers are for new subscribers only. We do have a referral program which can give you a discount on your subscription, please see this help page which explains this feature:
    Have a great day,


  12. very impressive ! love this post! keep up!

  13. Typical.. just missed it.. 

  14. I just missed the weekend deal due to work. I emailed them and what they did sold me on them. What a great first impression they made on me! 

  15. Awe…. I’m so sorry I missed this. I would love to take advantage of this deal!!!! Can you run it again and friend me on I am a NAPP member. do we get a discount?

  16. SmugMug is now $300.  Yup a 100% price increase.

  17. Up To $180 / 25% off any Re-Occurring Discount On Any Monthly Or Yearly Account

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