“This Weekend Only” Killer Deal from Artistic Photo Canvas


Gang—this deal is off the hook! The crew from Artistic Photo Canvas gave my readers a “This Weekend Only” deal about 7 months ago, and loads of people took them up on the offer, and this time, they’re giving you guys an even better deal.

Before we get to the deal, I just gotta tell you—-the quality of their canvas prints is outstanding, and I don’t think there’s anyone in the building here that has done canvas prints with APC (that’s Dave Cross above posing with one of his canvas prints—-photo from my new iPhone 4) who doesn’t love them. Super highly recommended! Now, onto the deal:

– 20% OFF your entire order
– PLUS Free Shipping
– PLUS a $15 APC e-Gift Certificate applicable toward any future purchase

Also, you choose from their entire product line which includes:

– All 120 standard size and finish combinations for gallery wraps, stretched canvases and unstretched canvases.
– All optional techniques and add-ons including texturizing gel coats, dust covers, and blind drop shipping.

The only exclusions are:

– Does not apply to custom sizes
– Cannot be combined with other discounts

Here’s the link to Artistic Photo Canvas.

Your “This Weekend Only” Deal code is: SCOTTSENTME

One more thing: APC gives NAPP members 10% off all of their stuff all year round, and APC has told us directly that they know a number of NAPP members who cover their annual membership dues just with the money they are saving at APC.

    1. Hi Ken:
      I’m totally digging it, but I didn’t have to pay $500 to upgrade, and if I had to, I would have waited for sure.

      Get the iPhone iOS4 update though. It’ll rock your 3Gs. :)


  1. Dave Cross NOT wearing a “Canada” shirt? The print must be hiding some sort of writing or logo on the right side of his shirt!! :-)

    And I agree with Jeff…what is up with the brown stain at the bottom of the print? Maybe a dust speck on the spankin’ new iPhone lens??

    1. I’ve seen that image of Dave’s before, its a coffee stain intended to be there I believe.

      Question for Scott – when you upload images for Gallery Wraps what size should the image actually be? Does the customer have to provide the extra bleed or do they do it for you??

      1. Good morning Kelly and to all our customers and fans out there. We love getting to work with everyone at Kelby media and everyone else out there too. Our image editors would be happy to prepare your image for gallery wrapping and we’re always happy to answer any questions for you. This is a deal you just can’t afford to miss.

        Dimitri Jansen
        Lead Image Editor
        Artistic Photo Canvas

        ps The coffee stain on Dave’s image WAS part of his creation and to see it in person does it’s artistic nature true justice.

  2. Hey Scott,

    Thanks for these deals! You really go the extra mile for your readers.

    Anyway, I was curious…
    I’ve never ordered anything from APC and was curious how they compare to MPix/MPixPro for canvas.

    Thanks again!


    1. Logan, I’m going to give you my unbiased answer. I order from both places regularly and for canvas prints I like APC because they will do nearly any size and custom sizes. You are locked into a certain group of sizes with Mpix. With APC you also have the ability to pick from some creative changes (if you want) and they asign a rep who will help you with anything you want to create. That said, Mpix rocks too!

      1. Thanks for the advice, Ken! I was going to take advantage of this deal anyway, but now I’m even more looking forward to the finished product!

  3. Speaking of deals…

    I don’t mean to step on APC’s toes, so Scott, mod me if you have to, but…MPIX is offering 25% off all metallic prints between now and 6/30. Just enter promo code “met10” when checking out.

  4. Thanks for killing my weekend Scott. Actually, this is a really timely deal for me. I talked to Dimitri yesterday about an order that I’m preparing for a 60×16 print. I’m going to have to work my butt off this weekend to get my post processing done so I can take advantage of it.

    BTW, Dimitri was awesome. He was patient and answered all my questions without hesitation. He didn’t make me feel rushed. I truly had the feeling that he just wanted what was best for me. I can’t wait to get my print!


  5. I attended the Photoshop Summit in NYC on June 25th. It was quite an experience. Thanks for having it, and for announcing that the video of the entire event will be on the NAPP members’ site. Saved me the trouble of taking notes! Now, if I can just remember exactly who mentioned, and when it was mentioned, that one little tidbit ………..

  6. As Dimitri mentioned, the image editors at APC will gladly prep your photos for gallery wrapping at no additional charge. But if you’d prefer to prep your own files, see “How much image area is required for gallery wrap edges?” which is listed in the Help (FAQ) section at the Artistic Photo Canvas website. The detailed specs provided will allow you to take complete control over how your image wraps.

    To see a video review of a finished APC gallery wrap, check out RC Concepcion and Corey Barker with RC’s 60-inch New York City skyline pano on LayersTV: http://artisticphotocanvas.com/blog/2009/07/12/apc-on-layerstv/

      1. Hey Ken! The problem with the gallery wrap tool in Genuine Fractals is that is leaves blank “corner cutouts” in its final output.

        I can understand why software programmers came up with this implementation: In theory, cutting out the corners seems to make sense (at least as a visual representation). But in the print-making world, cutting out the corners of images in preparation for a gallery wrap is not practical at all.

        Our canvas is a very thick and durable material and — at least at APC — we cannot risk even a sliver of white, unprinted canvas showing at the corners of a customer’s finished product! It’s not about carelessness when stretching — or a lack of precision — it’s about the physical realities of folding such a thick material back on itself. (And if the corners were cut out literally, you’d see rough edges of canvas showing and it would severely undermine the look of your gallery wrap and the stretch-holding integrity of the fasteners on the back.)

        So, when images are uploaded to our studios with “Genuine Fractals corners,” we end up using our own digital wizardry to re-create the missing content and fill in those blank corners the software toiled to create!

        We’d love to see a revised version of the Genuine Fractals gallery wrap tool that corrects the problem, and when it comes, we’ll be recommending it highly. For now though, a better choice for the DIY-er (that wants to preserve their original photo composition entirely on the face of their canvas -and- create their own “reflected/mirrored” edges) would be to add the sum of 3.5 inches of image area necessary — two sides at a time (1.75″ each), “reflect” those two sides of their image individually using the transform command, merge layers, and then repeat the process with the other two sides. This technique will yield image all the way into the corners — and although you won’t see that portion of the image on your finished gallery wrap, it will ensure the visual integrity of the print.

      2. Lew, Thanks for that explaination! I ahve been using the GF gallery wrap and didn’t know you had to correct that (never noticed). Maybe this would be a good upgrade for OnOne to consider. I would have never have known this!!

  7. It’s time like this I reeeaaallly wished I lived State side :)
    Fantastic deal and Dave looks rather pleased with himself too; mind you so he should…his photograph looks great at that size.


  8. Great company to work with. I ordered my print last Sunday for the special discount and received it the following Saturday and the finished product looks fantastic. I am excited to hang it on my wall.

    On a side note, in your post you mention a $15 e-gift card for the next order, however, I have not received anything from APC regarding this. Any suggestions?

    1. Apologies for the delay Scott Q … Just stumbled upon your post.

      The $15 e-Gift Certificates were delivered via email. Odds are you received your eGC already and the point is moot – but just in case…

      If you didn’t receive your APC e-Gift Certificate, please check your spam folder in case it ended up there. If you still can’t locate it, just shoot us an email via the contact form at http://artisticphotocanvas.com – or call us toll-free at 888-99-CANVAS – and we’ll track it down for you!

  9. ordered first time as well. thought about it for a long time – took advantage of this special offer (shipping to canada is sometimes the killer). received the gallery wraps today – very nice. and dimitri was very helpful ;-) thanks dimitri! same here, could not see anything re” the gift card.

    1. Hi Carsten! Please see my reply to Scott Q above. The APC e-Gift Certificates for the Scott Kelby promotion were delivered via email – not inside the shipping carton that contained your canvases. Please be in touch if you didn’t receive or have misplaced yours.

      The promotional eGC’s expire on August 31, 2010. It’s time to create another stunning gallery wrap! :-)

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