“This Weekend Only” Killer Deal on Jeremy Cowart’s New DVD

It’s my first “This Weekend Only” Killer Deal of the year, and man did I save it for a good one. I was able to get entertainment photographer Jeremy Cowart to offer readers of my blog, for this weekend only (until 12:00 midnight EST on Sunday), $50.00 off his amazing 4-hour training DVD called “Jeremy Cowart’s Lifefinder.”

He takes you on location, behind the scenes, on some amazing shoots, and well….just watch the quick video above and hear it from him, and you’ll see what I mean.

Here’s the special discount code to get his newly released DVD, direct from Jeremy, for only $199 ($50 off the regular $249 price):


It’s a long code. I would copy and paste it for sure. :)

Here’s the link to watch the full trailer, see the images he creates, and to order.

My thanks to Jeremy for making this killer deal on an amazing DVD, available to my readers this weekend. Remember, it expires at Midnight, and it’s the best deal Jeremy’s offered on this anywhere (which as you longtimer’s known, is part of the whole “killer deal” thing here. It’s got to be the lowest price ever, and this one surely is).

  1. I got a copy of Jeremy’s DVD as soon as it came out and agree entirely…it’s a killer! Tons of info, very inspiring and a great insight into Jeremy’s work.

    This combined with his classes on Kelby Training make for a great combination!


  2. Jeremy’s class on Kelby Training was excellent. He comes across as very modest and unassuming, but the man knows his stuff!

    Thanks for the discount code, Scott. Still to rich for my blood, but I’m sure many of your readers will jump all over this!


    1. Should be “too rich”. Hope the grammar police don’t chastise me for that!

      Anybody seen Ken Toney? No reply in either post and it’s 9 AM! Hope he’s OK.


      1. John, thanks for asking. I stayed up till about 2:30am last night but I have a flu like bug and been taking a decongestant and I crashed out before the post. I’m taking one of my sick days, hope Scott don’t mind! 8-)

      2. Hope you’re feeling better, Ken. The blog isn’t the same without you! So make sure you call in if you are going to be out sick again!


  3. Loving Jeremy’s work and style, his laid back approach makes him comfortable to watch and learn from. I’m still taking small steps in photography but Jeremy is allowing me look at it from a whole different perspective and is encouraging stuff. Great work fella !


  4. Too rich for my blood as well. With Hobby’s and McNallys DVDs out this month, this would drive the spend on photo-DVDs to unrealistic highs. Tho, had I not pre-ordered those two, I would take advantage of this offer, Cowart is undoubtedly in a league of his own- lets hope for more lessons on Kelby Training. Cheers !

  5. After a lot of thought regarding this today I’ve placed an order, although a little expensive I think it’ll be a worthwhile purchase.

    I must say, only England listed on Country list… lets hope it makes it way to Wales Ok.

    Thank you to Jeremy and Scott for this current discount, you’ve gone and cost me more money yet again ~ But as always, I should take away a lot of knowledge.



  6. I just got my Lifefinder DVD – I ordered it just a few days too soon. Darn. However, it really is worth every penny! Jeremy is awesome and the production quality is great – but it’s the content!!! I’m not going to attempt a review (just too much), but short of spending a day with Jeremy and asking him every question that came to mind, this package will teach you so much, well, forget the cost – the gain in info & insight is invaluable!

    The last 2 DVD set I ordered that is still relevant and packed with great teaching is Zack Arias’ “One Light” package. Ironically, there’s a fun interview of Jeremy by Zack in Lifefinder where Zack refers to Jeremy as a guy who’s work is so good, he’d be one guy that could make him feel like hanging up the camera & quitting the industry.

    …Jeremy, I’ll go to a workshop (just please come East)

    One other simple thing about the set I like, it’s an actual DVD (NTSC) and not a DVD-ROM – So you can sit on your couch, surrounded with your camera gear and watch on your regular ole tv set and disc player. For me, it was the best movie night I’ve had in a long time and it will be repeated!

    “Jeremy is a freakin’ good photographer” – Annie


    Lifefinder is going to be a classic!

    This title rocks!


  7. Unfortunately, my country is not on the list of countries that his website posts to.
    But I agree from the clips that it is a cool resource. Pity I can’t get it though.

  8. Yes very nice DVD but too expensive even after the discount. I wish I could afford it. I would get it if it is 50-100$ range. 200$ is very expensive. I can’t believe I need more than 600$ to get this as well as D.hobby and Mcnally’s DVDs. I might as well buy 2 nikon flashes with this money. I hope they will consider lowering the price. Thanks for the discount anyways)

  9. Hi Scott,

    love the DVD and appreciate the discount…. but… The Netherlands is not in the list of countries to sent it to! I know we are a small country…
    Any help from Kelby Group in this? or should I ask Matt to take one with him when he’s presenting over here in two weeks time? ;-)
    Hope you can help me out, I love to see Jeremy at work.



  10. Hey Scott,

    Wanted to stop by and first say I am a big fan of your blog and all that you have offered to photographer. Also I would like to take the time and tell you about my new online radio show 1 Hour Photo on armadafm.com. 1 Hour Photo is a open live forum for everything photography and our industry. Past guest have been fashion photographer Melissa Rodwell and F Stoppers Lee Morris and Patrick Hall. I have Penny De Los Santos who will be joining me for a future episode as well. I would love to have you on to share whatever it is you would like to talk about. The show is for 1 hour every Wednesday at 1pm. If you have any questions regarding the show feel free to contact me.



  11. I bought the DVD full price, and I must say that I’m disappointed. The value isn’t there for the price. Most of the BTS stuff on this DVD are basic light setups except for the projector shoot with imogen heap. Even there he doesn’t go into detail about how he set the shot up. For the seemless fashion he literally described the setup as “uh, I think we had an umbrella up top and a beauty dish for her jeans and two lights on the background.” There are absolutely NO photoshop tips in this DVD. My recommendation is to watch any of the lighting, raw workflow, and photoshop videos on Kelby Training. You will NOT get anymore info from this DVD then you did from Jeremy’s videos on Kelby Training. Just saying, I’m a big fan of Jeremy’s work, but I’m selling mine…

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