(1) Do me a favor: take 2 minutes and 9 seconds to watch the quick video above. It gives you the Photoshop World experience better than I ever could.

(2) Now it’s decision time. You’ve been dying to finally make it to a Photoshop World Conference. It’s coming up at the end of next month, and know the stuff you would learn at the conference would pay for itself many times over.

If you register today, right now, you can still save $100. This could be the year. Your year to experience one of the most amazing training events in any industry.

But do it today. Don’t pay $100 more for the same seat on Monday, because you couldn’t make up your mind. That’s silly. Save the money. Be at the conference. Learn more in less time than you ever have before. Come back recharged, refocused, inspired, and faster and more productive than ever.

(3) If you sign up today, and you don’t think the conference absolutely kicks a$@, and it’s not the best money  you’ve ever spent on Photoshop training, I’ll refund your entire conference fee on the spot. Here’s the link. Make sure you come up and say hello when you see me at the conference. I want to shake your hand for making the right decision. See you in Orlando.

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