Thursday Stuff


Hi everybody! Here’s the Thursday stuff:

  • It’s been a big week for both Canon and Nikon who intro’d lots of very, very cool stuff. On Monday Canon kicked things off by introducing the long rumored 10 Megapixel 40D, and the new 21 Megapixel EOS-1DS Mark III, along with some very sweet lenses.Then today, Nikon announced their new 12 Megapixel D300, and supercharged D3, along with some (you guessed it), very sweet lenses (Fast VR supertele’s and zooms). Right now I’m shooting both Nikon and Canon gear so this has been a really great week for me!!! I’m totally psyched!!!Check out Rob Galbraith’s site or DPreview for all the details on one of the most exciting weeks in DSLR history!
  • Hey, this is cool; my Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers was on CNN. OK, it wasn’t quite as cool as it’s sounds—Mike Mackenzie (one of our in-house editors) was watching a CNN video segment called “Snap Decision,” about Rosanne Penella, who chucked her career as an attorney to follow her dream of being a travel photographer, and in the segment, shot in her studio, she is looking through my book. Now, the only people in the world that would probably notice are Mike and myself, but it still caused us to do an internal “high five.” Here’s the link to the CNN video clip.
  • If you got a sec; Wacom has a very cool video clip/music montage (shown above) on their site about their amazing Cintiq 21UX interactive pen/display for photographers and graphic designers. Take a minute and check it out right here.
  • Here’s a mini-editorial: ya know Apple has taken some bold moves in the past to move the computer industry forward, like being the first company to do away with Floppy Disc drives, and being the first to use a trackpad on laptops, and about a dozen other things? Well now, with record number of PC users switching to Macs, and Apple’s share of the laptop market at a whopping 17%, I’d love to see Apple make a bold move to help these PC users make the switch less painful, and make all of our lives better in the long run (even if it’s a little painful in the short term, just like it was when the floppy went away, which many decried at the time was a huge mistake).Anyway, I’d like to see Apple do away with the Command-key (the Apple key) and finally, once and for all remove the word “Option” from the Alt key (it says “Alt” in small letters right on the Option key already). Then, standardize the shortcuts so whether you’re using an Intel Mac or an Intel PC, the keys work the same–the Ctrl key on a Mac works like the Ctrl-key on a PC, so there would be no “Command-this, and Command-that). I await a flood of angry comments for this suggestion. :)

Well, that’s it for today. Have a great Thursday and remember; just because you’re paranoid, it’s doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you! ;-)

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