Wednesday News Update

It’s Wednesday everybody, and you know what that means? That’s right, it’s not Tuesday anymore. Here’s the latest:

  • Very interesting article over at the UK’s Daily Telegraph newspaper on how everyone is getting their photos retouched these days—not just the big celebrities. The article is titled, “My brush with absolute perfection” and a great example accompanies the article. Click here to read it online.
  • Our buddy Jason Moore, over at Soup Questions, has an online interview with one of our favorite guys: Photoshop Project Manager John Nack. It’s a quick read, and gives some great insight into one of the most fascinating and brilliant individuals in our industry. Take a moment to read it right here.
  • Photographer and author Derrick Story just posted another episode of his popular Podcast “The Digital Story,” and the focus of this one is helping you build your own workflow with tools you already have (i.e. Lightroom/CS3 Bridge), and how to use them to get organized. Also, he’s he’s included a link in the Show Notes where you can download a free 28-page PDF titled “I’ve Taken Great Pictures… Now What?”. Thanks to Derrick for sharing this with me (and now you). Here’s the link.
  • Want to see some really professionally done commercial compositing? Then check out this deconstruction of a print ad campaign created by “Blue Object Design” for a Denver-based nightclub. They staged a simple photo shoot, then composited images from the shoot in Photoshop, using stock photos from and some clever retouching techniques, to create the final look, which they show step-by-step. I really found this fascinating. Check it out right here.
  • Just a reminder; next Thursday (the 30th) I’ll be in Chicago with my Lightroom Live! Tour, and if you haven’t signed up yet—I hope you’ll join me. Should be a blast! Here’s the link with more info and how to register (It’s only $99 for the day; only $79 for NAPP members). See you there! (P.S. The registration is now online for my Honolulu, Hawaii stop on December 3rd).
  • How about some mid-week photographic inspiration: This week, one of NAPP member Rebecca Parker‘s images was chosen as our editor’s “Photo of the week” choice and I really like her illustrative style, which mixes photography with Photoshop effects. Very cool stuff—check out her NAPP member portfolio right here (you don’t have to be a member to view her online portfolio, but it wouldn’t hurt).
  • My buddy Jeff Revell, (who went shooting with me and my other buddy Dave Moser last week out in Arizona and Utah), posted a nice pano he shot during our trip over the Grand Canyon. I think he said it was nine individual shots stitched into one panorama, and the new CS3 stitched the whole thing together just right—first time. Here’s the link to Jeff’s site—just make sure you click on the pano to see it at a larger size. (As a side note: if you do panos, or ever wished you could, the Photomerge feature in CS3 is worth the entire upgrade price alone. It’s just about as close to magic as you can come).

That’s it for today. Have a great one everybody, and we’ll see you tomorrow (unless, of course, it’s “No Blog Thursday,” but I rather doubt it will be).

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