Today I’m Launching My New Photoshop CS6 Photographers Live Seminar Tour

I am really excited to launch this brand new tour, which is headed to a bunch of US cities this summer, including Nashville, (which I haven’t had a chance to teach there in years), and I hope you’ll get a chance to come out and spend the day with me.

I’ve got SO much new stuff to share, including all the new stuff for photographers in CS6 (there’s plenty!), and all my latest techniques (I’ve got a bunch of cool new stuff), and I can’t wait to get there and share it all. Here’s the five classes I’m teaching each day:

> My new “Photoshop Seven Point System” for Camera Raw (or Lightroom’s Develop module)
> The 10 portrait retouching techniques every photographer needs to know
> More Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks for Photographers
> My latest Photoshop Killer Tips (all the timesaving, job-saving, tips)
> Before & Afters (I show you the final image, and then exactly how to get there step-by-step starting with the raw out-of-the-camera image).

Here’s the first four stops on my tour:

>  Sacramento, California (July 18th)
>  Nashville, Tennessee (July 23rd)
> Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (July 27th)
> New York City (July 30th)

Here’s all the details, and how to sign up (It’s just $99 for the full day, including a detailed printed workbook).

I hope to meet there in person at one of my tour stops. :)


    1. Scott might not know about Double Double Animal Style though as he is from Florida! Scott if you have been fortunate to go to an In-N-Out while visiting California, I hope you knew to order your burger “Animal Style”. And the best tip is to order your fries “Animal Style” as well!

  1. I note that this blog a long time, some of the views or to support ?And i hope to learn a lot of communication with bloggers if i have time,ome time because of the style and methods are not doing things the same

  2. Great news Scott.  Oklahoma City?  Oh well, I know we will visit at Photoshop World, and I’ll learn a boatload there.  I have pre-ordered your new book.  Can’t wait for that to come out.
    See ya Soon,

  3. Great news… lacking post. Was hoping to hear what Scott had to say about the CEO of Drobo stepping up and saying hey we screwed up. I was really hoping to hear Scott keep his stand….. this is not the first issue with Drobo…. Was I the only one?

  4. Hey Scott, I’d love to join you and it’s a fantastic price, but the cost of getting there from Brazil is prohibitive for now. Hope to join you some day when I’m in the States. Hate to bring up an earlier topic but at least one other person besides me asked about the font you used for the Cuba title in the “Connecting with Cuba” image. Thanks again for everything! Dennis, Recife, Brazil

  5. Super excited you guys are coming to Nashvegas!!! I’ve enjoyed the books from all you guys there in the office. II’m looking forward to meeting you guys and getting to sit in on some classes. Im an iraq vet and one of these days I will make it to your photo walk in DC. It’s the best way I can think of to learn all the hot photo spots on DC!

  6. I had the privilege of sitting in on the “dry run” for this class.  it’s VERY informative and as always entertaining too.  Go see it if you can. It’ll be money well spent.  You killed the tilt/shift thing didn’t you Scott?

  7. Scott…seriously, how about heading “north of the border” one of these days and visiting us here in Canada !!!!  You remember us don’t you ????

  8. Geat news and I’m buying the book. But P L E A S E try come back to Hawaii. For the 4th year in a row, I just can’t afford the min $2000 est to go to PSW. Maybe when retail picks up or I become rich and famous….which I’m sure would happen IF I could attend PSW and learn all the business and networking tricks. I’ll be entering all the PSW ticket giveaways, THEN tackle the travel expenses. Alohadios, Jock

  9. Scott, thanks so much for sharing the name of the font. You know, for me, it’s the little things that stand out. In the reader comments following your Drobo post I was struck by how many people said they also had problems with their Drobos but never heard from anybody at the top. I continue to be impressed with the way you, RC, Matt and everyone else at Kelby strive to stay in touch with members, interact, and answer questions, no matter how simple or mundane. Thanks again. (Mt. 25:21).

  10. Scott,
    When you come to the Washington, DC area, this will be the first Photoshop for Photographers Seminar I will not be coming to.  I have Photoshop CS4 -which I use every day and absolutely love, I have CS5 which I have but do not use it at all because I never liked it, and now I have tried the new CS6 and absolutely hate it, hate it, hate it.  The most annoying thing about CS6 is that it is all black which for me is very hard to read and hard to work at all.  When my trial ends in a couple of days, I will NOT be buying it!!  I have been a Photoshop user for over 12 years and I am considered by others to be an expert and can do wonderful things with this product, but not CS6.  I will not spend money on something that I consider not user friendly at all and I will not spend money on a seminar for something that is completely not useable by me as a wedding, landscape and event photographer.  I feel Adobe has messed up completely this time.  What a waste of good money.

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