Today We Celebrate: The Springs of Hope Kenya Orphanage has opened its doors!


I am absolutely thrilled to share that last night I got an email from my friend Molly Bail from Springs of Hope, Kenya, to let me know that today they’re welcoming the first children to the Orphanage that you, the readers of this blog, helped to build.

Your contributions literally helped finish the roof on this orphanage earlier this year, and then later you helped buy the beds, furniture, and kitchen appliances, and now today there are homeless children that are homeless no more because of your gracious generosity. I am incredibly thrilled, and humbled at what you all have done in supporting the construction of this Orphanage.

In her email, Molly calls today’s opening a “soft opening” because they are still dealing with some electrical issues, but the first children arrive today, and are sleeping under a roof you helped build tonight. To me, that’s a grand opening indeed. (The photo’s above are from Molly, and the captions are hers as well).

It’s been a real struggle for Molly and Joseph to build this orphanage half way around the world, and in the past few months they have really struggled to clear the final hurdles, approvals, and mountains of red tape like you would not believe, but today we have something wonderful to celebrate.

Whatever else happens in your day, and whatever hurdles life throws at you today, just remember that because of your contributions, a homeless child now has a home, food, and has two people in Molly and Joesph that will love and protect them.

Honestly, there’s no adequate way to thank you all for what you’ve done. The phase “Thank you” isn’t enough, but thank you.

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