Belles femmes bonjour! [OK, I couldn’t resist after my French mistake yesterday].

The crew is waiting for me in the hotel lobby, so I have to make this quick:

(1) Thanks to everybody who sent questions via Twitter, G+ and Facebook yesterday for Jay during our taping. Lots of great questions, and I was rattling them off to Jay during our walk down the Champs-Élysées yesterday. Keep those questions coming (you can post them here as comments), and I’ll pose them to Jay during the day.

(2) On the flight over here, I finished off my teaching outline for my class at the upcoming “Google+ Photographer’s Conference this month, and I’m really excited about teaching the class. If you’re going to the conference, I’ll hope you’ll stop by and check out my class (it’s on day one). If you’re not signed up yet, it’s not too late: Here’s the link. 

(3) Thanks to everyone who tweeted names of chocolate stores or bakeries here in Paris (my wife, who dearly loves chocolate and considers it its own food group) is here with me, and I wanted to find her some awesome chocolate). As it turns out, one of the chocolate stores that was mentioned often is literally directly next door to our hotel (I am not kidding — its wall butts up against the wall of our hotel). Another often-mentioned one is a block away.

(4) Matt Kloskowski was here last year, and met up with Paris-based photographer (and NAPP member) Serge Ramelli, and Matt just raved about Serge, and we are lucky (lucky like you cannot believe) that he is working with us this week. First, he’s a terrific photographer (here’s the link to his G+ page) and his French is actually pretty good, too (wink), but we’re really enjoying our time getting to know him, and his work. Just a great guy, and a huge help.

(5) We’re getting some amazing stuff from Jay. We’ve had many wonderful learning moments during Jay’s time here in Paris so far, and the whole team is really excited about what we’re getting. Jay has so much to give, and I can’t wait until the class is done to see it myself, because he says so many things as we walk and chat in cafe’s (all on camera) that I’m afraid I’ll miss some of it, so I’ll be watching it right along with you.

(6) I just saw where says they now have my Lightroom book in stock. Whoo Hoo!!!

Have a great day, everybody!! Merci! :-)

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