Tuesday News Nuggets

Here’s a quick look at what’s going on:

  • Nikon released a Firmware upgrade for the Nikon D300 that addresses a rare issue that could occur that creates vertical bands in images taken at shutter speeds longer than 8 seconds. Here’s the scoop on the upgrade, how to install it, and a download link (click here).
  • BIG OPPORTUNITY: If you’ve ever wanted a chance to learn printing from acclaimed Landscape photographer Stephen Johnson—this may be your best chance ever. Get this; he has a hands-on Fine Art Digital Printing Workshop coming up on Feb. 23-26 (in his studio near San Francisco), but he only has two people signed up so far–and he’s still going to do the workshop! So, if you want the opportunity of a lifetime, you can get on board and learn from Stephen almost one-on-one. Plus, if you’re a NAPP member, Stephen will give you 10% off the registration. Here’s the link for more info (if you can take advantage of this, this will rock your world!).
  • When I was at David Hobby’s Strobist workshop this weekend, I ran into a terrific pet photographer, and she told me (well, she admitted to me) that she joined NAPP to get free B&H Photo shipping, because since she shoot pets, she goes through seamless paper like you can’t believe (she says she saves about $600 a year just in B&H shipping charges). OK, the good news is, she told me although she originally joined for the free shipping, now she is totally hooked on everything else; the magazine, the Web site, all the training, etc.. I thanked her, and told her not to worry, because we go out of our way to encourage members to take advantage of the member discounts so that (as she said), their “NAPP membership is free!” I took advantage of that NAPP free shipping discount myself yesterday when I ordered Two Avenger 420 rolling C-stands from B&H and saved $31.70 by getting the free shipping. That would’ve paid for nearly 1/3 my annual membership in one order (well, it would have, but they’re nice enough to give me my membership for free. Ya know, seeing as I’m NAPP’s President, and all).
  • Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, Publisher at Peachpit Press, did an audio interview with Joe McNally about this groundbreaking book, “The Moment it Clicks” and you can listen to it by clicking here.
  • Want to see some really slick photography (on a really well-designed site—check out the EXIF data panel that appears over each photo. Too cool!). It’s from photographer Julien Roumagnac. Take a moment and check it out. You’ll dig it.

That’s it for today, see you all tomorrow! :-)

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