Tuesday News Nuggets

Hi Everybody. Here’s what’s up:

Popular Photography is running a very cool “Digital Wizard” contest, where you download 12 of their images and use Photoshop to create your own collage/montage Photoshop-effect extravganza, and if you win, you could pick up a cool $1,000. Here’s the link with all the details.Just some trivia: yesterday on Amazon.com, McNally’s book “The Moment it Clicks” is so hot that it got up to number 11 of ALL books on Amazon.com—ranking ahead of even the latest Harry Potter book. Come on, that’s pretty darn cool! Congratulations to Joe for taking photography books to a whole new level! (P.S. Here’s the latest review I’ve come across–this one from Michael Clark Photography).

If you’re going to Photoshop World in Orlando this April; make sure you enter the Guru Awards contest, because now the awards ceremony is being held at a local art gallery, where that evening your work will be displayed, and the highlight of the awards ceremony (hosted by Larry Becker) will be a special presentation from living photography legend, Jay Maisel. What an amazing night!

I’m a sucker for great car photography, which is why I love the work of photographer Graham Westmoreland. Click on his Folio 1 to see his car work (once you’re there, there’s no obvious navigation, so click on an image to move to the next one), but make sure you take the time to check out this other two Folios—this guy is really good! Here’s the link.

That’s it for today. Don’t forget—catch the show tonight. It’s as lame as ever!

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