Tuesday News Nuggets

Here’s some crunchy Tuesday news (now with more fiber):

  • I saw this last week on Photojojo.com, and then I got numerous posts and emails about it, so I finally had to try it, and I have to tell you—it’s pretty darn cool. It’s called “Animoto” and it’s a site that creates music-video style slideshows of your uploaded images, and it does it in a very clever, very automated, very MTV-like way.Here’s the link to their site; check out their demo, and then upload some of your own images. If you want to see where the future of online services is going; this is just a glimpse. Cool stuff for sure!
  • There’s a great article over at LayersMagazine.com from Janine Warner, called, “The Making of a Great Photography Website: Three Distinct Approaches,” and it’s really quite brilliant (and so is Janine. She was one of the speakers at the MacDesign Conference in NYC, and she was one of the top ranked speakers at the entire event). Anyway, if you’re a pro photographer, it’s definitely worth a read (here’s the link).
  • OnOne Software just released 100 free Camera Raw 4.1 presets created by our buddy (and Photoshop and Photography Guru), Jack Davis (of the WOW! Book fame), and if Jack makes a preset, or an action, or a Style; you better believe they’re gonna rock. Download ’em free right here, courtesy of OnOne Software.
  • You’re gonna love this site: It’s called 1001 Noisy Cameras and it’s the scoop on everything happening under the surface of the digital photo biz. It’s not just a rumor site, it’s not just a community site, it’s not just a comment site; it’s all of that and way more, with links to everything happening everywhere. I’ve added it to my daily visits, and it’s really well done from top to bottom. Here’s the link.
  • Lastly, here’s a retouching site you’ve got to see (I may have talked about this one before, but: (1) I can’t remember if I did, or (2) I saw some images there I don’t remember seeing. It’s called “Fluid Effect” and there are (as always) fascinating before/after images, and some nicely done pro-level retouching; so make sure you click on the Retouching link on the left side.
  • Hey, there’s more stuff below, so scroll on down for a couple more posts

Tomorrow I’m off to Montana’s Glacier National Park for my photography and Photoshop workshop with the Great American Workshop (GAPW: here’s the link), and it’s my first trip out to Montana, and I’m totally psyched. If I get any decent shots, you’ll see ’em here on the blog.

Have a great Tuesday everybody! See you tomorrow.


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