Tuesday News Quickies

Morning in Manhattan

Next Friday, Join “The Photoshop Guys” in New York
Over 1,400 people have already registered for our after hours event, “The Photoshop CS5 Summit” in New York City next Friday—the 25th, at The Hammerstein, at Manhattan Center. It kicks off at 4:30 pm. It’s totally free, and you gotta be here. Here are all the details (watch the short video first), and there’s a link to sign up there, too. I hope to see you there!

Free Online Seminar: Monitor Calibration Finally Explained
This sounds good! Manfrotto and DataColor are hosting a free online Webinar to finally make Monitor Calibration simple. Don’t miss it (here are all the details, and you can sign up there, too). If you don’t need this seminar, I bet you know somebody who does. Pass it on. :)

Quick Photo Walk Update
Over 650 cities, and over 11,000 walkers around the world so far. This is getting really exciting. Hope you can walk with us. Here’s the link. P.S. The fine folks at Adorama is one of the big sponsors. Stop by their site and buy every cool piece of camera gear in sight (just don’t tell your spouse).

Rick Sammon’s first iPad App is Here!
It’s called “Life Lessons We Can Learn From Mother Nature” and it’s an inspirational and motivational app combined with a mini-course in wildlife and nature photography (with Photoshop tips, too!). Here’s the link with details.

Loads of new Lightroom 3 Online Classes
When Lightroom 3 shipped last week, we rolled out four in-depth Lightroom 3 training classes on KelbyTraining.com, and if you’re into Lightroom, make sure you go check ’em out (they feature Matt Kloskowski, one of the world’s leading Lightroom educators, and his classes absolutely kick butt!). Here’s the link.

That’s it for today
Have a great day everybody!!!

  1. Hi Scott,
    Looking forward to the NYC CS5 Summit – bringing a friend – to hopefully join Photoshop User as well. By the way, next Friday is June 25th (not 24th).

    My best,

  2. Just been wondering about the signing up for a photowalk to be a leader. The town I lived in had a photowalk that filled up, but I’m on the wait list to be the leader of another one after that (at least I hope I am second in line). It has been filled since Friday but I don’t see another one in Ann Arbor, MI. Should I just wait? If I don’t get a chance to lead one I would like to be able to participate in one in town and I’m just wondering where I sit. Tried to get the answers from the website but they say I have to be a leader or a walker to sign up for answers. Right now I’m neither (which is kind of like being nothing :) ) Just wondering if anyone knows if they just update the sites and waitlist for other sites once a week or something like that?

  3. NYC Trip looks like a blast – but having just watched PSU TV Ep234, where Dave Cross is in Canada – you need to come to Canada to Tim Hortons.

    Makes Starbucks a thing of the past… Plus we’ve got some great photogs up here :)

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