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Well, it’s the week before Photoshop World so things are pretty crazy at NAPP-HQ, as we have to hit shipping dates for all our equipment to get to Vegas, and well….it’s pretty exciting time as we careen toward the big show. I can’t wait!!! In the meantime, here’s what’s up:

Tim Wallace scores with an amazing Aston Martin shoot
The images above are from automotive photographer Tim Wallace (I’m a very big fan of his work), from a recent shoot for car manufacturer Aston Martin for their new One-77 super car, a £1,000,ooo special edition, of which only 77 will be made. Tim was nice enough to share some of the images from his shoot with us (make sure you also catch Tim’s guest blog post he did here back in January—very informative—here’s the link). Also, stop by Tim’s site to see some of his striking, dramatic automotive imagery. I so dig his stuff!

Those MIT Guys Are Very Clever!!!!
I just read yesterday on CNN where two MIT students attached a camera to a weather balloon and got amazing shots of earth literally from the edge of space, and perhaps even more amazingly—they did it all for around $148. Take two minutes and check this one out (here’s the link).

Get Your Free Photoshop World Expo Floor Tickets
Don’t forget—we open the show floor for two days to the public, and you can get a free Expo-Only Pass by clicking right here. Hope I’ll see you there!

Update on Metal Murals from Yesterday
I got an email from Larry Becker yesterday afternoon to let me know that Metal Murals has a NAPP special offer of a free mini mural with a regular mural purchase (Details are in the discounts section of the NAPP member site). He also told me they’ll be at booth 710 at Photoshop World. You’d think I’d know these things, but apparently, they like to keep me somewhat in the dark (they say I’m happier that way). ;-)

Dave Cross and RC Concepcion in Miami the Week After Photoshop World
Hey, as soon as we get back, Dave and RC are kicking off that Creative Suite 4 Unleashed workshop (sponsored by Adobe), down in Miami, so if you’re down that way—-make sure you don’t miss it. Here’s the link with more details.

Tomorrow’s Special Guest Blogger is….
…a photographer who is starting to get a lot of attention for shooting video on a digital SLR, it’s Aaron Greene.

Brad turned me onto Aaron and his project, and then Brad contacted him to see if he would share the background on how he shot this promo video for a band, and well…you’ll just have to tune in tomorrow to catch it all for yourself.

That’s it For Today
Here’s wishing you your best day ever!


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