Tuesday News Stuff (and free Adobe eSeminar Today)


Hi everybody. It’s Tuesday. Here’s whazup:

Erik Cracked Us All Up Last Wednesday
First, because I blanked out last Friday, I didn’t get a chance to thank Erik Dixon for his fantastic Guest Blog (and hilarious video) last week. I just cracked up on so many levels (it even made me feel bad for Brad. Well, kinda), and I just so dug it that he took the gig so seriously. Really nicely done, and you can see from the huge number of glowing comments, and the nearly 7,000 video views, he really hit one out of the park. Nice job Erik!!!! (and thanks Zack, for loaning Erik to us for the day).

Matt Lange Captures My Near Collision with a Wide Receiver
Before I get to the story; I didn’t run the photo you see at the top of this post yesterday with my other game photos because as my wife said, “It looks like they’re break dancing.”

Anyway, during the game on Saturday at one point a wide receiver snags a pass gets pushed out right in front of me on the sidelines, and I had to jump back to keep him from taking me down with him (he did actually bump me, but just barely). As luck would have it, Matt was in the end zone and got a shot of the near collision and posted it on his blog last night, ensuring that we would never be friends. ;-). What’s even funnier is that in the shot, I’m about 3 feet from a cheerleader, and at first glance it looks like I’m aiming my 400mm directly at her…well.. you’ll just have to see the shot (but I promise, that’s not what I was aiming at—I was just trying to get out of the way). Here’s the link to Matt’s story about our day together and the photo in question (stop snickering!).

Meet me in Boston on Monday
Just a quick reminder; I’m kicking off my new “Photoshop for Digital Photographers” Tour in Boston next Monday, and I hope I’ll see you there. Here’s the link with all the details. Also, I’ll be in Philly on Monday, November 2nd. Could be fun!

Free Adobe eSeminar for Design Professionals Starts Today
Adobe is hosting a free online eSeminar called “Shortcut to Brilliance: eSeminar Series for Design Professionals. The first one is today at 10:00 AM (Pacific Time), and the 2nd is on November 10th, and you can get more details, or sign up, right here.

This Kid Doesn’t Shoot Like a Kid!
I mean this totally as a compliment. I picked up a copy of Popular Photography at the airport this past weekend, and they had a short feature on a 19-year-old entertainment photographer named Adam Elmakias, and since I knew my assistant Brad Moore is into that style of photography, I jotted his Web address down, and yesterday I finally got a chance to check out his work. Wow—has this kid (excuse me….this photographer) got a lot of talent! Great live shots and great band portraits as well; all of it shot and processed really well (the perfect gig for anyone into music and photography). Here’s the link to his site (you’ll totally be impressed—or depressed that at only 19 this kid has this much talent).

Brad goes totally “By the Book”
This just goes in the “Brad cracks me up” column. Last week, before I left for my football shoot, Brad comes in my office and asks if I have a copy of “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3.” He said he needed to find the page where I show what I pack for a sports shoot—-because it has been a while and he didn’t want to forget anything. I told him, how incredibly sad it was that he had to look up in a book to find out what gear I take, and then we both just cracked up. Welcome to my world.

Hollywood Style Lighting Workshop
My buddy, and recent Guest Blogger here on the site, Mike Kubiesy (here’s the link to his Guest Blog post), is teaching a lighting workshop called “Hollywood Style Lighting” on Saturday, October 24th – 9am to 5pm. According to SCV Center for Photography (who is hosting the workshop in the Los Angeles area), “Mike will teach you all the deep dark secrets of Hollywood as you learn how to light like a pro.  We will create a set lighting using studio strobes, gels and many other fun things, not to mention learn how to light for a Hollywood movie poster. You will shoot a model using the lighting created. Please bring your camera. $199. Limited enrollment.” (Note: 15% discount for NAPP Members). Here’s the link with more details.

Let’s call it a day
That’s it for this Tuesday. I’m off to the Photo Plus East Expo in New York City where I’m doing some speaking gigs at the Nikon booth each day (see the post above), and I hope you’ll stop by and say howdy. Have a great day everybody, and keep an eye out for any receivers sprinting in your general direction.

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