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Here’s a quick update on what’s going on with me and the crew here:


Killer Deal on Hotel Rooms for Photoshop World Vegas
The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, right on the Vegas strip, has been the home for Photoshop World since we first brought the convention to Las Vegas years ago (and it’s connected directly to the convention center), but this year we were able to negotiate our best deal on hotel rooms, so you can stay right on property (at the same place, me and all the instructors and NAPP staff will be staying) for only $129 a night. Plus, this year they’re throwing in the “Resort Package” free (reg. $60), which includes everything from free in-room wireless Internet to free bottled water, and a whole bunch more. Here’s the link to snag your rooms now at this special rate, cause once our room deal is sold out, it’s gone! Hope to see you at the Mandalay Bay.

RC’s Taking Lightroom 3 Users to the Web
We released a new online class last week at KelbyTraining.com (new classes go up every week) from photographer and Web guru RC Concepcion, called “Lightroom 3 for the Web.” RC knows this stuff inside and out, and if you want to get your images from your computer to the Web using Lighroom, RC’s your man.  Here’s the link with more details.

Quick Photo Walk Update
Last year, we had 917 walks around the world, and we’re getting very close to breaking that number with about a month still to go, as we now have 878 walks and over 17,500 registered walkers. This is going to be big! If you haven’t signed up for a walk, search to see if there’s one in a city near you, right here.

I Gave the Wrong Date for my Lightroom 3 Live Tour in New York
I mentioned during the Photoshop CS5 Summit last week that I’d be back in New York City with my Lightroom Tour on July 12th, but I was totally wrong. That’s the day I’ll be kicking off the tour in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (that’s just a few weeks from now). I actually be in New York on Monday, July 19th. Sorry for the confusion, but I was…well…confused. ;-)  Here’s the link for more info (for either city). Hey, don’t forget, Matt is taking the tour out as well, and he’ll be in Boston on Friday, July 18th; LA on July 21st, and San Francisco on the 23rd.

Tomorrow’s Guest Blog is gonna kick butt!
I cannot wait for tomorrow’s Guest Blog, as it’s from Adventure Photographer Tom Bol. I met Tom at the Photo Plus Expo last year, and saw part of his presentation about location lighting over at the Elinchrom booth, and his stuff just kicks butt (Matt just did a workshop with Tom out in Moab, and Matt couldn’t say enough great things about him. Also, Tom just finished taping some on location adventure photography online classes for Kelby Training.com, which will be going live very soon—-I’ll let you know when). Make sure you check back here tomorrow to catch his guest blog. Can’t wait!!!!

That’s it for today, my friends
That’s a quick update on what’s going on here (there’s actually more, but that’s all I can say right now). Anyway, gotta run. Got a crazy busy day (but it’s all good!). Don’t forget Tom tomorrow (it’s gonna rock!). Have a good one!

  1. Scott,
    Are you guys close to converting kelby training courses to the iPad?
    I thought I remember reading something about this happening.


  2. Scott I know you post late in the nigh or maybe its early in the morning but you said you will be in NYC July 19 ( Monday) and that Matt will be in Boston on Friday the 18th ? I know you guys at Kelby Media are all powerful but what are you doing with Saturday and sunday on that weekend? :) I know its probably just a calander thing..

  3. Hey Scott,
    I have to say that I am impressed big time about the reduced rate at Mandalay Bay. I had already booked it for the original price becuae I feel it is worth the higher rate. So BONUS!!
    I will be walking in OKC, my shirt is on the way.
    “but that’s all I can say right now” intrigues me. Hmmm?
    See ya in 2 months,

  4. Scott,
    Booked my reservation through travel agent so they gave me that rate. I am so looking forward to this trip!!! How about a Dtown episode on how to travel with gear? I got my Think Tank Airport Int., thanks for that suggestion, it is nice. :)

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