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Hi gang: here’s what’s up:

Future Photoshop Guru
Is that an adorable photo or what? That’s 2-year-old Stephanie McLemore showing impeccable taste for someone of her young age (photo by her mom, Therese McLemore, taken with her iPhone). The photo came my way courtesy of her dad Sean, who wrote, “She is 2 years old and loves to be like her daddy, she even owns her own digital point and shoot. Even though her technical skills aren’t developed at such a young age we still get some unique pictures from her sometimes.” Hey, it looks like her technical skills are about to get better! ;-) Thanks to Sean and Therese for sharing this wonderful photo.

My Favorite Camera Profile
Matt and I were just talking yesterday about what our favorite Camera Raw/Lightroom camera profiles are (these are new in Lightroom 2 and Camera Raw 5.2), and we both said hands down our favorite was the Camera Landscape profile (of course, both of us shoot a lot of landscapes, so maybe that’s why). To me, adding these camera profiles is one of the most important things Adobe has done to Camera Raw/Lightroom in their recent updates, but I don’t think that; (a) many photographers realize how helpful these profiles are, and; (b) I don’t think Adobe has made enough of a fuss over having included them. Anyway, if you have CS4 and LR2, and haven’t checked them out; go look in your Camera Calibration panel (they’re in the pop-up menu). If they’re not there, go get the latest free update from Adobe’s site.

Lost Your Camera? Look here!
This is a very clever site; it’s called “Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures” and if you haven’t heard of them; you’ve got to check them out. They try and reunite lost memory cards and lost cameras with their owners by showing some of the shots on the card (or camera). It’s really pretty clever (and pretty handy if you’ve lost your gear). Here’s the link.

The 2009 Photoshop World Planner is Now Available!
My buddy Dave Cross has released his now famous, “Photoshop World Planner,” which is a very clever PDF that lets you plan which classes you want to take. Along with the free PDF, Dave put together a quick video to show how to take advantage of it. Here’s the link.

In-Depth Look at Glossy Displays for Photographers
There’s an interesting article over at RobGalbraith.com about the new glossy displays on laptops from Apple, Dell, HP and others. If you’re worried about the glossy screens, this article may help you sleep better at night—-here’s the link.

Jack’s In The House!
Our good friend, and Photoshop Hall of Famer Jack Davis (shown below) was here last week recording a series of training videos for Kelby Training Online, and the ad below is part of our industry-wide print ad campaign which features our instructors. While Jack was here, we also had him on as a guest on Photoshop User TV, and he did a very slick tutorial, which should air on today’s show, so make sure you check it out. We also had Julieanne Kost on the show (she was in town taping some videos, too), and her guest spot is on last week’s show (the Feb. 2nd show), and you can check out both at Photoshop User TV.com.


That’s it for today folks. Have a fantastic Tuesday, and dont’ forget to check back tomorrow for a tradition here at the Photoshop Insider: Guest Blog Wednesday.

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