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Lot’s to cover today, and not much time to do it. Here goes:

Yesterday we Released a New Video Player for Kelby Online Training
We’ve been gathering your feedback and ideas for a while now, and yesterday, after many months of development, we launched a totally new player for Kelby Training Online, and we’re pretty psyched about it (a small version of it is seen above). The new player has a much larger screen size, lots of great new features (requested by you guys), and the initial feedback has been just fantastic! (If you have additional feedback or need support, you can go here and send it to us. This way it goes directly to our web team and they can make changes more quickly, rather than having to come here to check the comments). If you’re a Kelby Training subscriber, make sure you watch Matt’s quick guide through the new features. Here’s the link.

Canon announces winners of NFL shooting contest
Congratulations to 19-year-old Casey Berner (who won the adult division) and teen division winner 15-year-old Justin Tijerina who won Canon and Pro Football Hall of Fame’s “Why Do You Love Football?” photo challenge. They scored some sweet Super Bowl tickets, along with having their images displayed at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You can see Casey’s winning images here, and Justin’s images here. Congrats you guys! :)

Killer Deal on Epson Wireless Printer
Last January (2009), Terry White gave me a “Terry White Tech Day” for Christmas, and he flew down to Florida to spend the day setting up/fixing/tweaking all the tech stuff in my house. It was the greatest gift ever (here’s the link). Anyway, one of the things I fell in love with was the all-in-one (printer/scanner/copier/fax) Epson Workforce 610 Wireless printer he had me get. Since it’s wireless, my whole family uses this printer for everything from printing homework assignments, to printing boarding passes, to printing photos on photo paper.

Well, Terry just let me know that Office Max has it on sale for just $99. That’s a killer deal on a killer general-use home printer. Here’s the link (Note: This isn’t a printer for serious photographers, and the scanner is adequate for general scanning, but just keep in mind—it’s a wonderful all-in-one home printer—not a lab-quality photo printer, though it does a pretty decent job when you print on photo paper).

Catch My “Photography Masters Tell You How” Interview at TakeGreatPhotos.com
I did an online interview for TakeGreatPhotos.com as part of their “Master Photographers Tell You How” series. Although we start with a look at how I got into this business, from there out we pretty much focus on the marketing side of photography, and how to give yourself a competitive edge these days. If you’ve got a minute (and you can put up with the stretched/squished/distorted photo they have of me on their site, here’s the link (hey, it could be worse—-at least they didn’t stretch some of the images from my portfolio, eh?).

Follow me on Twitter
If you want to follow me on Twitter (don’t worry—no tweets about me dropping my kids off for soccer, or what I had for breakfast type stuff), you can get on board right here.

That’s it for today folks. Hope you guys have a fantastic Tuesday!

  1. After upgrading too quickly to Snow Leopard without waiting to see if there were problems, I’ve had to reinstall several things. One that still won’t work with SL is my HP printer (got it free? when I bought my MacBook Pro). Does the Epson series work with SL and if not can you recommend one that will? Thanks, Kitty :)

    1. I have the Epson Artisan 700 as a office printer.
      Wireless printing and scanning and it works with Mac OS 10.6.2 and 10.5.8 perfectly.

      Not the best photo quality but a great small business printer for invoices, forms. envelopes etc. (I use Mpix and MpixPro for prints)

      1. Thank you! That is very helpful. I’m not really looking for a big time photo printer but every now and then I need to scan or print something and it’s been so frustrating. I’ve got a coupon for Mpix and have a few photos I was going to send off, I hear lots of good things about them. Thanks again!

      2. Under Snow Leopard, I’ve had zero issues with my 2880, 3880, 4800 and 7880 but its critical to delete the current drivers and update with Snow Leopard drivers from the manufacturers site.

  2. Scott, loved today’s blog! Lots of info and cool links. I don’t believe I saw ANY cans of worms today. How about trying to get us a discount on the Cs5 upgrade.

    1. Hey Ken,
      I liked your images with the link you sent the other day. We are still under the snow here. Thank God we have NAPP & Kelby Training to keep us up-to-date in this less-than-perfect weather.

      1. Mike, Still on the ground here and calling for some light stuff on Friday. Just to let you know my dad used to be stationed at the now closed Ardmore Air Force Base. That was a long time ago, I think its a municiple airport now. I hope to get to the Atlanta SK tour stop,I know that must be a hoot to see Scott live.

      1. Thanks Larry, I think my membership is paid up for the next decade (all those incentives are hard to resist). Maybe it would have been better not to fix that link. I can’t believe the people that have negative comments about someone making a purchase. They need to get a life.

  3. Ya know, I have been following you for quite a while now, bought a couple of your books, and as a speaker in the small country of Holland am totally jealous of your pictures of a filled up seminar hall… But hey, sh*t happens!

    I really enjoyed reading the interview, because it gave a good idea of how it all started. Nice and inspiring stuff!

  4. Hey Scott,
    Excellent post. It is nice to see that two very young individuals can get recognition for excellent work. If they keep it up without getting stale, they should have a very bright future.
    The KelbyTraining update is awesome.
    Thanks for everything,

  5. I’ve had the Workforce 610 for a little over a year. I recently had to have it replaced because two of the 4 ink cartridges wouldn’t work, even with replacement ink. But Epson’s support was great, they sent me another printer free of charge. I love mine for basic printing and would highly recommend it.

  6. The new player looks nice, but I really wish there was a non-flash based delivery option available. I find I don’t enjoy sitting at my desk in front of my computer watching videos but would much rather do so sitting on the couch with my iPhone, Apple TV (with Couch Surfer) or on a future iPad. Unfortunately none of these devices support flash. There are other online training sites that offer Quicktime. Are there an plans to support something other than flash?

    1. Hey Aaron – As we receive feedback on the new player, our web team is working on making improvements. There may be the occasional hiccup here and there, so if it isn’t working, give it a couple of minutes and try again.

      If you continue to have issues, you can provide feedback here: http://www.kelbytraining.com/online/support.html

      That will go directly to our web team and they’ll take a look to see what’s causing the problem.


  7. Hi Scott,

    I love all your stuff, but the one problem for people outside the states is that video streaming seems to be a real problem – I haven’t been able to watch a video for the last eight months, which is a real shame. I’m in Indonesia.

    I hope that your team is able to find a fix. By the way- love Photoshop user tv now that the kinks have been worked out of it and am really glad Dtown is back as well.

  8. Hey Scott,

    I just read your article on TGP.
    Okay take all the weirdness out of this lil Wayne says that Baby is his father because what he did for him.

    I look at you like a father, Joe McNally as a grandfather and Chase Jarvis as my big brother.

    Thank you for everything you do!

    Nassau, Bahamas | Miami, FL

  9. The video doesn’t work on my iPhone, it says the Flash player must be installed. Is there an alternate site with plain-jane H.264 encoding for iPhone users?

  10. The new Kelby training stuff is a good start, but there’s still no way for me to bookmark an entire class that I’m in the middle of watching. I can favorite a specific lesson, but once I’ve finished watching that lesson, I still have to Browse or Search for the class again to keep going through the lessons. And yes, I have sent in feedback about this before. The new player looks great though!

  11. Hi Everyone – We really appreciate all the feedback on the new Kelby Training player! If you would, please go HERE – http://www.kelbytraining.com/online/support.html – to submit your suggestions and issues so they go directly to our web team.

    This will ensure that they are seen by the people who are actually making the improvements, and in a timely manner. This keeps them from having to check comments on Scott’s blog throughout the day. Believe me, with all the websites they have to maintain, they have plenty to keep them busy without having to check here every few minutes :)

    Thanks, and keep the feedback coming (but through the link above ;) )!

  12. Hi Scott,
    I was wondering if the new Kelby training format will work on the new iPad? I am thinking of getting an iPad and one of the reasons is so that I can watch training videos without being tied to my desktop or run it right next to me as I follow the steps on my home computer.

    Thank you.

  13. Thanks very much for the video player upgrade. I actually joined up for a year yesterday and must have been one of the last people whose first experience of the classes was on the old player. I have to say, I was a tad disappointed, not with the content, but the playback. I won’t go into detail, ‘cos it’s gone now.
    I just spent the evening watching Corey Barker’s Outrageous 3D course, and this time the video player matched the quality of the teaching. Looking forward to viewing many other courses over the coming year.
    Best wishes and thanks to all.

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