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Lot’s to cover today, and not much time to do it. Here goes:

Yesterday we Released a New Video Player for Kelby Online Training
We’ve been gathering your feedback and ideas for a while now, and yesterday, after many months of development, we launched a totally new player for Kelby Training Online, and we’re pretty psyched about it (a small version of it is seen above). The new player has a much larger screen size, lots of great new features (requested by you guys), and the initial feedback has been just fantastic! (If you have additional feedback or need support, you can go here and send it to us. This way it goes directly to our web team and they can make changes more quickly, rather than having to come here to check the comments). If you’re a Kelby Training subscriber, make sure you watch Matt’s quick guide through the new features. Here’s the link.

Canon announces winners of NFL shooting contest
Congratulations to 19-year-old Casey Berner (who won the adult division) and teen division winner 15-year-old Justin Tijerina who won Canon and Pro Football Hall of Fame’s “Why Do You Love Football?” photo challenge. They scored some sweet Super Bowl tickets, along with having their images displayed at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. You can see Casey’s winning images here, and Justin’s images here. Congrats you guys! :)

Killer Deal on Epson Wireless Printer
Last January (2009), Terry White gave me a “Terry White Tech Day” for Christmas, and he flew down to Florida to spend the day setting up/fixing/tweaking all the tech stuff in my house. It was the greatest gift ever (here’s the link). Anyway, one of the things I fell in love with was the all-in-one (printer/scanner/copier/fax) Epson Workforce 610 Wireless printer he had me get. Since it’s wireless, my whole family uses this printer for everything from printing homework assignments, to printing boarding passes, to printing photos on photo paper.

Well, Terry just let me know that Office Max has it on sale for just $99. That’s a killer deal on a killer general-use home printer. Here’s the link (Note: This isn’t a printer for serious photographers, and the scanner is adequate for general scanning, but just keep in mind—it’s a wonderful all-in-one home printer—not a lab-quality photo printer, though it does a pretty decent job when you print on photo paper).

Catch My “Photography Masters Tell You How” Interview at
I did an online interview for as part of their “Master Photographers Tell You How” series. Although we start with a look at how I got into this business, from there out we pretty much focus on the marketing side of photography, and how to give yourself a competitive edge these days. If you’ve got a minute (and you can put up with the stretched/squished/distorted photo they have of me on their site, here’s the link (hey, it could be worse—-at least they didn’t stretch some of the images from my portfolio, eh?).

Follow me on Twitter
If you want to follow me on Twitter (don’t worry—no tweets about me dropping my kids off for soccer, or what I had for breakfast type stuff), you can get on board right here.

That’s it for today folks. Hope you guys have a fantastic Tuesday!

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